Why Yucatan will be the next great tourist attraction of the country?


With the eyes of the Federation placed in the heart of the Mayan world, Yucatan is preparing to become a tourist power. The next six years will be key for Yucatan.

The so-called heart of the Mexican peninsula and the Mayan world wants to become one of the great tourist attractions of the country.
The so-called heart of the Mexican peninsula and the Mayan world wants to become one of the great tourist attractions of the country.

And it has everything to achieve it: archaeological sites and a Mayan culture alive throughout the state, traditions, magical towns, old henequen haciendas, gastronomy, mystical cenotes and beaches, high-quality hotel infrastructure, world-class convention centers and , most importantly, the hospitality of its people, the kindness, the honesty and the passion that they dedicate to their work.

To this we must add the commitment of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to promote the development of the southeast of the country through major infrastructure works such as the Mayan Train, a project that will tour five states of the country (Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo) and will offer three types of service: passenger, tourist and freight transport. This railway line will have 17 stations, five of them in Yucatán, in the cities of Valladolid, Chichén-Itzá, Izamal, Mérida and Uxmal.

"Special attention will be given to the southeast. It is an act of justice because it has been the most abandoned region of the country and its time has come, its time has come, "said López Obrador last December, during his participation in the ceremony of representatives of indigenous peoples for the beginning of the Mayan Train project.

And there is also the work, the strategy of the state government, led by Mauricio Villa Dosal, to make Yucatán a tourist power, as is its neighbour Quintana Roo, thanks to Cancun.

"I'm sure there are six wonderful years for Yucatan. The moment that we live in is circumstantially unique and historical. We have a governor very committed to tourism and the eyes of the Federation posts in Yucatan, which will be one of the states most benefited by this great work of infrastructure that will be the Mayan Train. We expect an important growth of tourism, of all categories: cultural, religious, nature, adventure, gastronomic, archaeological and meetings, "says Michelle Fridman Hirsch, Secretary of Tourist Development of Yucatan, in an interview with High Level.

In this last category, the official stands out, Mérida is a leader, thanks to its two world-class convention centres: the International Convention Center (CIC) of Yucatán and the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center.

The first, located in the centre of the city of Mérida, offers more than 9,200 square meters (m2) of rooms and exhibition area, divided into three floors. Last year it received 55 events with 46,471 attendees, which left an economic spillover of 418.6 million pesos (mp).

While the second, located north of the capital, has 13,000 m2 of halls and exhibition halls. In 2018, eight congresses were held, with 16,699 attendees and 108.8 million pesos of income.

"Both venues are surrounded by a large tourist, hotel and restaurant offer, which makes Mérida one of the most attractive and competitive cities for meeting tourism. In addition, it is among the five cities with the best air, maritime and land connectivity in Mexico ", explains Fridman Hirsch.

Currently, the government is analyzing the construction of enclosures in other cities of the state, such as Valladolid.

"We are even thinking of modernizing and expanding the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center; we want to grow it to 15,000 or 18,000 m2 to receive large-scale events and make it match very well the offer of the two Mérida precincts with what is around, through creating a convention district in the centre and another in the north, where hotels, restaurants and the entire chain of services are very well involved. Later we would be looking for ways to incorporate the haciendas, which are excellent places to carry out this type of tourism, and hotels that have very large spaces," details the Secretary of Tourism of Yucatan.

Although the first step will be to put an order in the house, organize the existing offer in the state, not only of meetings but the general offer, to put in the eyes of the world the great wealth that Yucatan has and that people choose so much for your business trips as well as for pleasure.

And it is that, many of the segments where Yucatán is competitive, such as tourism of romance, adventure, archaeology, meetings and sun and beach, have a great potential for growth, so the new government is working on improving infrastructure, connectivity, the promotion of the state in the country and abroad, especially in Europe and Asia; participating in nominations to win events and the creation of own business, cultural, gastronomic and sports events.

For now, the outlook for growth for this year is positive, especially in meetings tourism, where it is expected to reach an economic benefit of 1,500 mp for the state.

Up to now, 29 events have been confirmed, as well as more than 100 national and international events to follow in Yucatan.

"We are growing in visitor arrivals, in a number of events, investments, products and flights," concludes Fridman Hirsch.

Source: Alto Nivel

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