Why is it important to be insured when traveling?


A travel insurance is the safe-conduct you need to be able to anticipate the possible unforeseen events that may arise when you are away from home, or in the days prior to embarking on a business trip.

Take out travel insurance
Take out travel insurance

When making a reservation, it is highly recommended that you consider the convenience of taking out insurance. This will involve an additional outlay, generally not very significant, and save you many worries in the event that things get twisted for different reasons.


When it comes to taking out a travel insurance policy, you will find a wide range of different types of insurance, including, without doubt, travel medical insurance. It is true that the probability of suffering an accident or contracting a disease is not high, but bear in mind that if you need to go to a hospital in a foreign country or in a place with which you are not familiar, a travel medical insurance will make your life exponentially easier.

This type of health insurance not only covers medical care in the destination you have chosen, but also provides you with all the necessary contacts so that all you have to do is simply call a telephone number or go to a specific address.

Before embarking on a trip, it is essential that you are informed about the destination of your business trip and about the requirements you must meet in order to gain access to the country in question. You should also bear in mind that travel medical insurance is sometimes compulsory.

In addition to health-related insurance, when you travel you can take out other types of insurance that will make your days away from home much easier. Thus, if you want to book your trip well in advance to enjoy better prices, it is advisable to check if the clauses of your insurance include the option of cancellation of travel, and study the reasons that may lead to this possible cancellation (illness, accident, dismissal from work, submission to an examination, call for a trial, theft of documentation, etc.). In this way, if you have to cancel your trip, you can at least recover the money.

If you are going to travel by plane, it could happen that your luggage does not arrive at its destination or that your suitcase appears destroyed: it is not frequent, but you would not be the first passenger to whom something like this happens. To help you alleviate the usual displeasure, a specific travel insurance can compensate financially, so you will bear the loss with, at least, better face. For delay, companies usually pay 50 euros for every 6 hours of delay, while for loss of luggage can compensate the affected with an amount of up to 1,350 euros.

If the case arose and you did not agree with the compensation, you would have to resolve it in court. However, if you took out travel insurance, you have approximately 1,400 euros extra coverage over and above that provided by the transport company, which covers you regardless of whether your luggage disappears at the airport, in the taxi on the way to the hotel or anywhere else during your journey.

Depending on your destination, it may also be appropriate for you to take out theft insurance. In this case, you would also receive the stipulated financial compensation after making the complaint.

Finally, if the reason for your trip is to practice a risky sport, remember that it is very important that you take out specific travel insurance, as most conventional insurance does not cover you in this case. The rates, for cover from one day to a whole year, are between 15 and 125 euros. The most widespread sports policy is the one that covers skiing, although there are also those for golfers, divers, and mountaineers, among others. Some athletes also take out dental insurance.

In addition to health-related insurance, when you travel you can take out other types of insurance that will make your days away from home much easier.
In addition to health-related insurance, when you travel you can take out other types of insurance that will make your days away from home much easier.


In order to have coverage during a trip, you have different possibilities. The most usual way is to do it through the travel agency you have contracted (if you do it this way), through an insurance company, with the transport company (plane, train, bus...) that you use to reach your destination, or by means of your credit card.

Taking out conventional leisure travel insurance with an insurance company usually includes medical cover, theft, and damage, repatriation, civil liability, cancellation costs, accident cover, etc.). However, you can take out specific insurance, as mentioned above. Some insurance companies offer insurance options for such specific trips as safaris, adoption trips or business trips, which include more specific coverages.

As a conclusion, it can be said that there is a great variety of travel insurance, as well as companies with which to contract them, and that the most important thing is to choose the one that best adapts to the type of trip you are going to make and to your particular needs. The ideal would be to hire it and not have to make use of it.

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