Noticieros Televisa reported on a survey answered by more than 4,000 dog owners in which it was revealed that Chihuahuas are the most aggressive of the 35 most common breeds. An expert from the National Autonomous University of Mexico explains the reason.

Dogs of this breed, are so aggressive because they are very sure of themselves, even more than other breeds, according to Alberto Tejeda, a specialist in the Department of Ethology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics (FMVZ) of the UNAM. Only a couple of them would be enough to intimidate a Great Dane.

The expert noted that chihuahua has a more threatening perception of the world than other types of dogs. So it is advisable that, in case of wanting to acquire a dog of this breed, it is obtained from a breeder to verify that the animal is not reactive. Although there is a boom to have pets, dogs, regardless of their breed, are not toys, and "it is not advisable to have them if there are small children at home."

And he emphasized the need to take the chihuahua out for a walk. Although they are small animals that can live in small spaces and that sleep a lot, it is vital for their health that they have physical activity. This way you can avoid unwanted behaviors. Tejeda called attention to the fact that there is no legislation on aggressive dogs. Only in Mexico City is the possibility of regulation by breed evaluated.