Where to go on February 14th? These are the most romantic places in Mexico.

If you want to celebrate with a different experience, a trip with the person you love will be the ideal gift.

Most romantic places in Mexico
Most romantic places in Mexico

Valentine's Day is already around the corner, an important date for couples, if you want to celebrate with a different experience, choose a trip with the person you love. We tell you where to go on February 14 according to the experts these are the most romantic places.

Turn the day of love and friendship into a great experience, plan with your partner or surprise him with a trip to celebrate.

According to studies conducted by travel search sites, you do not have to cross to the other side of the world to visit a romantic place like Paris or Venice, in Mexico, there are very nice places to spend this special day.


A short distance from Mexico City, Tepoztlan is a magical town ideal to travel as a couple, it combines ancient traditions and adventure tourism.

A walk through its cobbled streets and enjoy a temazcal will make you relax and be closer than ever.


If you and your partner are pure romanticism, you can not miss the alley of the kiss in Guanajuato, also considered one of the best-ranked places for romantic escapes.

Also if you are a fan of Romero and Julieta and classic romance novels, you have to know the legend of this magical place, which tells of a couple in love who lived their romance in secret and in the end resulted in tragedy.

Not to run the same fate as the couple in the legend, you and your partner must climb the third step to kiss, otherwise, bad luck will chase them for seven years.


As in Paris, also in Mexico, we have a bridge of love where you can go with your partner to place a padlock as a symbol of his eternal promise of love.

Although this place is new, dozens of couples have selected this destination to celebrate 14 February in a romantic way and with great significance for their relationship.

These are just some options to celebrate with your partner that special day, there are dozens of beautiful places in our country that can visit, the important thing is to enjoy being together and your relationship.

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