In 2018, more than 18 million 9-liter cases of Johnnie Walker were sold, making it the most consumed worldwide. In Chile, it is positioned as the most important scotch brand, with 29% of the market. Johnnie Walker whiskey is the most consumed in the world, according to the certification of the International Wine and Spirits Report (IWSR 2019).

The brand that was born 200 years ago, a pioneer in introducing scotch to the rest of the world, has sold more than 18 million 9-liter cases globally, reaching an estimated 6 billion dollars in revenue. In Chile, meanwhile, scotch is currently consumed more than rum, and Scotch whiskey reached one million 9-liter cases sold. Thus, Johnnie Walker is positioned as the most important brand in the category in the country, with 29 percent of total volume and 40 percent of turnover.

Johnnie Walker's Story

Johnnie Walker left as a small grocery store founded in the town of Kilmarnock in 1820, wherewith six generations of qualified Master Blenders were creating new and audacious blends, which two centuries later have positioned them in more than 180 countries.

Among their range of award-winning whiskeys are Johnnie Walker Red Label, Black Label, Double Black, Green Label, Gold Label Reserve, 18 years, and Blue Label. In addition, two new members of the family have arrived in Chile: XR21 - which contains a 21-year-old whiskey base - and Blue Label Ghost & Rare - Port Ellen - a special edition based on five unique malts and three whiskeys from distilleries that no longer exist.

The most popular in the family is Johnnie Walker Red Label and, in that sense, Diageo Chile's commercial manager, Ricardo Nestler, explains that "it is a pioneering brand in the world of whiskey, which since its inception has set the trend with innovative bottles and memorable advertising campaigns.

"Today, its popularity is maintained due to a drink that has conquered large cities like Tokyo, New York or London, and this year begins to take its first steps in Latin America at the hand of the walker, Johnnie Highball. A simple formula that in Chile combines whiskey with ginger ale and a lot of ice," he added.