What you should know about the new tequila from 'The Rock'


It seems that if you have more than enough fame and money, there is only one way to go: make a tequila brand. Well, at least that's what Dwayne Johnson thought, who has followed in the footsteps of celebrities such as Adam Levine, George Clooney or the members of AC / DC, and for the last year, he has been working on the creation of a tequila that will be called Mana.

Dwayne Johnson's tequila plans are still standing and these are the final details.
Dwayne Johnson's tequila plans are still standing and these are the final details.

Tequila Mana gets its name from a Polynesian word (very far from the Mexican band that we sure come to your mind) that refers to an extraordinary essence that gives power to the person who owns it. And although the term has complicated things in a matter of trademark registration, it is very similar to signatures that already exist, that has not stopped 'The Rock'. Recently, the actor posted a photo on Instagram in which he shows that his project is more alive than ever.

The future of this drink is promising. According to what is seen in said image, the Mana line will be complete: an old one (aged more than a year), white (perfect for cocktails) and a reposado (aged for at least two years in oak barrels).

In the publication, you can read the enthusiasm of WWE's ex-wrestler. 


Cheers 🥃 (again & again;)
Spent all weekend taste testing every batch of my new tequila fresh out of our barrels from Mexico.
I'm very passionate about my new tequila we're developing.
It's been years in the making and every road has led here.
Lots of growing excitement.
Mana, passion, positivity, hard work and fun.
This ones for you world, let's have a drink.
#tequila #innovation #2019

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