Dwayne Johnson reveals the connection he feels with Mexican culture


It seems that if you have more than enough fame and money, there is only one way to go: make a tequila brand. Dwayne Johnson, better known as "The Rock" (The Rock), continues to be unstoppable. At 49 years old he has joined the world of tequila, with his brand "Tequila Teremana" which means, "tere" (earth) and "mana" (the powerful Polynesian spirit that guides us); "Spirit of the Earth".

Dwayne Johnson reveals his great love for Mexico. Image: Wikimedia Commons
Dwayne Johnson reveals his great love for Mexico. Image: Wikimedia Commons

With his enthusiastic spirit in 2019, he set about creating his brand of beverages side by side with the workers in the agave fields in Mexico. In 2007, Dwayne Johson took a trip during the filming of the movie "Entrenando a papá" (The Game Plan) and it was there that he discovered his fondness for Mexico and its culture. "I was able to drive to the perimeter of Mexico City. At the time, I was still on the rise, I was trying to turn my career around," revealed the actor. "I've always loved the culture and tequila, so it was an unforgettable trip."

The Mexican tequila connection

In an interview with CNN Travel, the actor spoke of the close bond he has created with Mexican culture through his brand of tequila. "As a youngster, there was always tequila, whiskey, vodka, and beer in my house. I grew up with a real love for tequila and whiskey, in particular. But the first time I visited Mexico, specifically Mexico City, I went to a few local places and enjoyed some local tequila."

On that visit, his curiosity about the production of the drink was born, so he began to learn about the local tequila, his favorite. "Up to that point, I had enjoyed the well-known and famous brands. But when I finally landed in Mexico in 2007, I enjoyed the local tequila. I loved it. It was a really special connection. I remember buying as much as I could at these local places."

Dwayne Johson partnered with a Mexican family who are experts in tequila making, with whom he built the new distillery located in the municipality of Jesus Maria in the state of Jalisco, which the actor referred to as "a special place that I carry in my heart". Temerama is currently an incredible source of employment with a total of 250 employees.

Dwayne Johnson's relationship with wrestling

The actor recounted growing up in South Texas, a place steeped in professional wrestling. His grandfather and father were great friends with important Mexican families "from the Guerreros to Dos Caras." "I was always fascinated and in awe of the wrestlers because they all wore masks and were so...cool to me when I was growing up. I loved professional wrestling, and wrestlers were my heroes. And especially when I moved to South Texas, I watched them every night!" added Johnson.

The actor was interested in watching the fights, as the style of wrestling was totally different from that of the United States. Thanks to his father, he was able to go backstage and get an inside look at the sport, which made him even more excited to meet his heroes up close.

One of the things that delighted him the most about the sport was the commitment of the wrestlers to not take off their masks at any time, not even to take a shower. When he asked his father why he understood everything, "'They're protecting the business. It's what we do and it's what they do.' In that culture that's what's important to them, that they never reveal their identity. So that took my idea of my heroes to a whole new level."

"The Rock" has reaped a successful career as an actor. In his first starring role in the 2002 film "The Scorpion King," he received $5.5 million, setting a world record as the highest-paid actor in his starring debut. We cannot leave aside, his impeccable career as a professional wrestler that made him the Champion of the Three Crowns, which means that he has won three of the most important titles of his promotion, such as a heavyweight title, a couples title, and a second division title.