What you need to know before your first trip to Peru


Do you want to travel to Peru? Here are some tips to plan your trip to the Andean country and thus enjoy better of all the attractions offered by this destination.

Colca Canyon. Image: Flickr
Colca Canyon. Image: Flickr

Planning your trip

Keep in mind that when you travel to Peru is for reasons of culture and nature, but when you arrive at the destination, you find other attractions such as gastronomy, fun and good shopping. Therefore, it is important to consider the duration of the trip. It is convenient to stay for more days in the main cities to enjoy. For example, from Lima where the best restaurants are concentrated or simply enjoy Cusco, the downtown area, appreciate the Inca walls or the buildings.

Nasca Line

The traveler should look at the time one has to travel to Peru to find an ideal space and as far as possible, try to extend your stay because there are many places that can be accessed by adding one or two more nights.

Peru is not only Machu Picchu

Visit the archaeological zone of Kuelap, an area that is not common, not even for the Peruvians themselves, it is like a second Machu Picchu. The interest in this virgin region is growing and has powerful attractions, it is a mixture of culture with natural ingredients where you can watch birds and see impressive waterfalls.

Peru, Kuelap

Four reasons to visit Peru

1. The attractiveness of high importance worldwide. You will find the Nasca Lines or the city of Arequipa that are UNESCO heritage.

2. Different regions well connected through many airlines such as Latam and other local carriers.

3. Many times you do not need to make a flight to other cities but transportation can be part of the tourist experience. For example, when you go from Cusco to Puno you can visit Lake Titicaca, take a tourist bus that stops on routes and visit more places or buy handicrafts.

Titicaca lake

4. The stay of several days will also allow you to adapt to the height. When you go to Arequipa, before going to Cusco or Puno, you acclimate to 2,600 meters (8,530 miles). You can visit the Colca Canyon, the flight of the condor. Also, enjoy the hotels with hot springs and then go to Cusco that has 3,400 meters (11,154 miles), this way you gradually adapt. That is one of the reasons to incorporate other destinations on your trip.

498 - Arequipa, Peru

Hopefully, you will spend your time in Peru with a smile on your face.

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