We have all heard of Acapulco, even if it is a word because it is undoubtedly a famous place in the whole world. Acapulco is the most famous beach destination that has given Mexico internationally thanks to its beautiful natural environment, its golden sand, its tropical climate, its warm waters, and its people. The site is very attractive for those who love the sea, but not only that, it has interesting things that satisfy all hobbies, and all ages.

In La Quebrada, that 35 meters high salient stone at the edge of the sea, you will see the divers fall towards the night illuminated by torches. The House of Winds exhibits "The Feathered Serpent", the Diego Rivera mural. Barra Vieja will remind you of the vastness of the sea. The Laguna de Coyuca offers a palette of orange and red colors at sunset.

In Pie de la Cuesta you will find the sound of the tireless sea while you take a long walk. In Acapulco, nocturnal culture coexists with the most contrasting beaches, where you will find where to swim, take a walk, or simply watch the sunset.

The Bay of Santa Lucia is known as the Queen of the Pacific and it is no wonder: it is a spectacular natural harbor framed by the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur. Along the coast and from dusk to dawn lets in your life the game of lights, rhythms smells, and tastes offered by the port.

Discover the center of Acapulco

Walk through the tree-lined zocalo full of life and color in the historic center of traditional Acapulco, with its unique cathedral, adorned with yellow and blue Byzantine towers in the style of mosques. Just a few steps away, visit Fort San Diego, a maritime fortress used in the 17th century to defend from the few pirate incursions in the Pacific to ships loaded with merchandise from the East, of what was the most important trade route with Asia. the era, and explore the historical collections of this Historical Museum of Acapulco.

Enjoy the beach

Take advantage of the shade of the palapas in front of a delicious seafood dish, listen to a concert or join the soccer or beach volleyball tournaments; then choose the beach clothes that you like and close with some typical sweets.

Enjoy the night

The sun fell, but not the activity of the port. Acapulco is a pioneer in the fun that never sleeps. The variety of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment centers offer diversity and quality worthy of the most cosmopolitan destinations in the world.

Enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea

Immerse yourself in the Tlacopan Ocha Beach in front of the center of the city, contemplate the frenetic activity of the fishermen when returning from their tasks. Feel the soft sand of Playa Hornos and then hop on a banana or a jet ski to jump over the waves, or enjoy the bay from a parachute. Observe the vigor of the sea in Playa Condesa, where the best swimmers measure their strength with nature, and let the wind boost your windsurf, your parasailing board, or your sailboat.

Enjoy the palapas or participate in a soccer or volleyball tournament. Savor a seafood dish while listening to a lively solo guitarist, and treat yourself to refreshing snow and coconut or tamarind candy. At dusk, head to Pie de La Cuesta where the beauty of the beach, the strength of the sea, and its spectacular sunsets will give you an unbeatable setting to end the day.