Are you going to Mexico? Recommendations to avoid last-minute setbacks


If you are thinking of visiting Mexico, you should keep in mind that it is a destination recognized for its diversity of tourist plans and activities, as well as its amazing places to visit, but it is also important to mention that in order to enter the country, the immigration authorities have established a series of requirements that must be met.

No traveler would like their business trip or vacation to be altered because it does not meet the standards of entry to the country of destination, so that you do not present this type of setback and have a very cool experience, Wingo, offers some tips to take into account when traveling to Mexico:

Documentation: Remember that without documentation, there is no trip. Although to visit the Aztec country you do not need a visa, it is necessary to have your passport in order. The maximum number of days you can stay for tourism is 180 days, but if you want to extend your visit for academic or work reasons, you will need to apply for a Mexican visa.

Multiple Migratory Form (FMM): This document is the format with which your legal stay is accredited for up to 180 days. It will be given to you when you enter the country, and must be filled with detailed information about your stay in Mexico (flight number, names of hotels or addresses where you will stay, arrival and departure dates, among others), and must be presented to the immigration agent.

Round-trip tickets: It is essential that you have the round-trip tickets electronically or printed at hand, because the Mexican immigration authorities demand it.

Proof of reason for the trip: Do not forget to have the documents that show the reason for your visit to Mexico. For this, you can present the address and reservation of the hotel or place where you are going to stay, round trip tickets, tickets to tourist attractions, or if the trip is for business reasons, take with you a letter from the organization with which you travel, commenting on the reason for your visit.

Economic solvency: To show that you have ways to support yourself throughout the trip, you are likely to be asked how much money you travel with. As proof, you can present your credit cards, or cash.

With this information, you are ready to fly and live the maximum experience in the Aztec country.

Source: Wingo

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