What to do with the children at home during the vacations?


For children who attend school, summer vacation means an eagerly awaited period when they can enjoy extra leisure time that they normally do not have access to during the school year. That's exactly what can become a nightmare for parents who don't know what to do with their children at home.

As part of a compilation of popular science collaborations that academics from the Food and Development Research Center (CIAD) have made over the past year, here are some tips that you can put into practice in the coming weeks.

Fostering talent

The vacation period can be used for academic, cultural, and sports activities, which help children discover vocations, talents, and interests. These activities can be done not only during this period, but also as a constant throughout their lives. Look for summer camps, workshops or courses, and decide with your children which one is more attractive to them.

It is equally or more important to take advantage of these days to share your knowledge with the little ones. Just by taking a walk outdoors, you can teach them incredible things about our environment. In addition, on the Internet, there is a lot of audiovisual material with which the whole family can learn from crafts to home science experiments.

Eat healthily

"It's worth it because it's a vacation" is the best excuse to eat foods that are poor in nutrition or high in sugar, fat, or salt; however, it's better to use the extra time you have to prepare healthy foods and make an effort to show your children what it means to have good eating habits. This is one of the best legacies parents can give their children, because it translates into health.

Take care of a healthy diet

Meals outdoors can become nightmares when you get diarrheal diseases from eating contaminated food or discomfort from long exposure to the sun. It is important to take precautions to protect your family's health and avoid mishaps that can be aggravated, especially if you are away from home.

When consuming food in a restaurant or in the street, we must ensure that good hygienic practices are applied, both in the preparation and in the handling of food. Otherwise, we can face a severe picture of salmonellosis, typhoid, or hepatitis. Any of these diseases cause diarrhea as the first symptom, but in susceptible people, they can have serious complications.

Eat as a family

The rhythm of modern life often prevents people from enjoying elementary moments to strengthen the bonds of coexistence and affection. Eating together as a family is a ritual that promotes mutual interest among the members of a household. Putting it into practice during the vacations could make you discover that you have been missing out on something very valuable.

Exercise yourself

Under no circumstances should a vacation represent leisure and inactivity; on the contrary, it is a good time to educate infants about the importance of regular exercise as one of the relevant factors in maintaining good health. Go for a walk, be careful with the sun, walk around public spaces, and connect with nature.

Plan your expenses

Certainly, the vacations are to be enjoyed and no one can take away the pleasure of doing so. However, it is important to foresee that the expenses incurred are planned well in advance. This is to avoid that excessive consumption compromises the financial stability of a household in basic issues such as food, education, transportation, and basic services.

If you do not have the economic resources to make a trip, you can devise multiple activities that can be done as a family, inside the home or outdoors in the city of residence. In case you decide to travel, try to adjust your expenses and try to be " on target " with the cards.

Source: CIAD