There is no action on the population of crocodiles in Costa Alegre and they can get out of control, to generate a worrisome scenario, warns the Green Party Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM) from the State Congress. He recommends not to generate panic and much less desperate crocodile hunting, the intention is that adequate measures are given so that reptiles can continue to live protected in their habitat.

The legislator added that the Estero de La Manzanilla, located in the town of the same name, plays a key role for various wildlife species including the river crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) since it has a large amount of this species. He recalled that for this reason, in 2008 were created three crocodile ponds on an approximate surface of 200 square meters and 200 linear meters of cyclonic mesh around it. In addition to signs for information on the crocodiles, there are about six kilometers (3,7 miles) of designated areas to make eco tourist tours.

The legislator indicated that the integrated management plans must be made sustainable for all the wildlife specimens and in particular for crocodiles since this is the most predominant species in the region.