Walmart Mexico and Central America to open 4 distribution centers in Mexico in the next 12 months

Guilherme Loureiro, CEO, and CEO of Walmart Mexico and Central America announced that in the next 12 months they will inaugurate four distribution centers in Mexico.

After announcing the financial results of the company for the first quarter of the year, Loureiro said that it is two fulfillment centers (spaces focused on electronic commerce), one in Guadalajara and another in Monterrey, and two dry distribution centers, They will be in Mérida and Chihuahua.

"We are building the supply chain of the future to improve the level of service and shopping experience of our customers, expand our growth potential and prepare our company for accelerated growth of e-Commerce in Mexico."

In a conference with analysts, Loureriro noted that the company achieved 17 consecutive quarters of growth above the market and that various initiatives were undertaken in their formats to make them more profitable.

He mentioned that, in Mexico, Superama had the highest growth, because unlike the rest of the formats, the "lag" of Holy Week had a positive impact, and said that the perishable departments are being transformed to better serve customers.

About Sam's Club, the executive explained that a better connection with its partners has been achieved, which has translated into a better understanding of buying habits and personalized attention.

In the case of Walmart, he explained that the implementation of omnichannel capacities boosted the business. As for Bodega Aurrera, the format with the highest sales mentioned that a program was launched to promote the sale of basic products.

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