Walmart bets on Pickup Tower and QR codes to boost e-commerce

Walmart de México y Centroamérica (Walmex) inaugurated its first Pickup Tower in Mexico, in an effort to boost its sales via e-commerce and meet its goals of becoming a 100% omnichannel retailer.


The tower, located within the Toreo Walmart of Mexico City, allows customers to pick up their orders placed on the online platform, by reading a QR code generated from the user's cell phone, which allows the delivery of the product in question of seconds at the base of the structure.

The orders are inside the tower and when the client wants to pick up he can do it without anyone attending him or making lines, by scanning the QR code on the screen of the base of the tower, he/she gets the product. If the product is larger, the procedure is the same, only that the item will be inside special lockers that open when scanning the code.

The Pickup Tower is a first test for the Mexican consumer and, if it is well accepted, Walmart would seek to implement more of these structures in other units of the country in the following months.

Its construction and installation is part of the 2,600 billion pesos that the company will exercise this year in the form of investment for e-commerce and technology, according to Walmex.

More delivery options

The retailer has several delivery options for its products, all aimed at attracting younger consumers and giving more freedom to all its customers.

The Pickup Tower adds to the three existing formats that Walmart manages for the sale and online distribution of its products.

Pickup areas

In Mexico, there are about 150 of these spaces within the Walmart parking lots, specially designed for customers to conveniently pick up their purchases from their car.

Electronic kiosks

This format is within approximately 250 stores and gives consumers the option of making purchases online, picking up orders and solving doubts with the help of an advisor. In the Walmart Tower unit, this option already represents double-digit sales of the total that are made in the store.

Delivery of groceries at home

This service is shipping for super purchases, which expanded from 113 stores of the Walmart format to all of Mexico in 2018.

By Mexicanist

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