VW Mexico expects to close the year 2019 with sales of 20,000 vehicles, and position as a record year for the segment of imported vehicles, which are converted to the needs of different businesses.

Amid an automotive industry that shows negative results for 29 consecutive months, the sector of commercial vehicles conversion (distribution) led by Volkswagen in Mexico (VW) will close 2019 with 13% growth in sales, which places it as a flagship market worldwide with potential for expansion, said Giovanni Juarez, director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

This year they expect to close with sales of 20,000 units, after the brand sold 17,700 units in 2018, with which 2019 will be placed as a historic record year for the segment of imported vehicles, which are converted to the needs of different businesses such as consumption, pharmaceuticals, refrigeration, distribution, among others.

Under the Summit Latam Conversions, which is the first meeting of conversion units, held by Commercial Vehicles of VW Mexico, the executive of the German automaker announced that the bet will also be to move from combustion vehicles to electrification and gas, as a measure of sustainability.

"We agree that the next two or three years will be a stable market (Mexico) that will represent great challenges and that is where we have to be skillful and intelligent enough in the sense of really offering the customer," he said.

Giovanni Juarez explained that the success of the niche of vans, minivans and pick up (Amarok, Saveiro, Transporter, and Caddy) is that they are suitable for work in different sectors.

The executive further stated that they count on important companies, for example, the food industry, beverages, companies engaged in the delivery of pharmaceuticals, department stores for the delivery of online purchases. However, the production of commercial vehicles in Mexico is still far, because to be profitable must sell and export at least 100,000 units.