Volaris opens new direct route from Guadalajara to Acapulco

This long weekend, the first of the year, left the tourist destinations of Guerrero an economic income of 371.3 million pesos, an average occupation of 80% and the visit of 143,436 passers-by, along with these results yesterday came the flight from Guadalajara to Acapulco, with which there are already 27 direct routes, informed the Secretary of Tourism in the state, Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona.

There are already 27 direct routes to the state; this long weekend left to the tourist destinations of Guerrero an economic income 371.3 million pesos
There are already 27 direct routes to the state; this long weekend left to the tourist destinations of Guerrero an economic income 371.3 million pesos

The owner of Sectur Guerrero explained that the three areas in which Acapulco is divided reached 102,473 vacationers, with average hotel occupancy of 78% and an economic benefit of 258.7 million pesos.

As regards the binomial of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, the figures were as follows: 34,341 tourists visited it, there was an average occupation of 84.5% and an economic benefit of 98.2 million pesos.

While the silver city of Taxco arrived an average of 6 thousand 622 walkers, with an occupation of 77.8% and fundraising of 14.4 million pesos.

Rodriguez Escalona said that the good results are the result of the negotiations that the state administration headed by Governor Hector Astudillo Flores, along with the Ministry of Tourism, has carried out, ranging from intensifying the promotion of Guerrero abroad. national level, specify conventions and congresses, open new air routes, increase the arrival of cruises to the state and convert Acapulco into a port of embarkation, promote sports tourism and open new recreational attractions in its 500 kilometers of coastline, in addition to the historical sites.

Proof of this, affirmed the State Secretariat of Tourism, last Sunday, February 3, the direct flight from Guadalajara of the Volaris company landed in Acapulco, with this new route there are already 27 that are specified in the present administration of Governor Héctor Astudillo.

Mention should also be made of the cruise ship "Magellan" departing on Sunday, and it was the Guerrero leader himself who inaugurated the departure of the ship that will make a tour of the Pacific ports of Manzanillo (Colima), Puerto Vallarta (Jalisco), Mazatlan (Sinaloa) and Cabo San Lucas (Baja California Sur).

After 10 years of absence, the company Global Maritime Group, once again places Acapulco in cruise tourism, for this reason, the State Executive, called to "defend and promote this new tourist attraction in Mexico City and locally".

The "Magellan" is an incredibly perfect boat for the Mexican national market, weighs 46 thousand tons, has the capacity to transport 1,400 passengers.

Undoubtedly, another of the factors that influenced the good records of hotel occupancy, without overlooking the long weekend, the confirmation of the Banking Convention that adds to other major events to be held in the destinations of Guerrero.

Due to this, the state Sectur said that hotel occupancy rates rose. Today is the last day of the long week, the Sun's Triangle was 86.7% overall. He also announced that Acapulco in its three sectors closed as follows: Gold 87.9%, Diamond 84.3%, and Nautical 65.8%.

The binomial of beach in the municipality of Azueta: Ixtapa was set at 92.3% and Zihuatanejo at 75.6%; while in the silver city of Taxco, the index reached 97.4%.