Viva Mexico, shouts German tourist after being rescued from a ravine in Tepoztlán


A German tourist spent 15 hours at the bottom of a ravine on the hill of Tepozteco. He was taken to a hospital for assessment.

Helicopter help. Photo: Pixabay
Helicopter help. Photo: Pixabay

Rescuers from the Mexican Red Cross and Civil Protection in Tepoztlán, Morelos, managed to rescue alive a German citizen who fell last Monday in a 120-meter deep ravine, called "La Batea", which is located on the hill of Tepozteco

Rescuers managed to get him out of the ravine at 11:30 am on Wednesday, but managed to enter the ravine and get in touch with him at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, that is, he spent 15 hours at the bottom of the ravine. Canyon without medical assistance.

Rescuers of the Red Cross in Morelos are experts in this type of rescue, but it was difficult to reach the point where the German citizen was, because the air in the area did not allow the helicopter to perform the extraction from outside.

It was until this Wednesday that this citizen managed to leave Tepozteco, apparently walking through one of the most dangerous routes on this mountain without the support of experts.

Those who know recommend not to enter this place due to the intricacy of the mountains, but many mountaineers are attracted by the beauty of the rock formations and decide to run the irrigation.

via: Excelsior