Heineken Mexico launches Canijilla, a Ready to Drink drink inspired by Mexican mischief

The Dutch brewer Heineken will compete in the Ready to Drink beverage market, which according to Euromonitor records 6 percent annual growth, with a drink Canijilla, inspired by Mexico.

Canijilla comes in two Mexican flavors. Image: Heineken
Canijilla comes in two Mexican flavors. Image: Heineken

In a statement, the company reported that with Canijilla drink it intends to innovate in the industry with its design and its two Mexican flavors.

"For its refreshing and fun flavors, with 5 percent alcoholic volume, Canijilla is considered the ideal drink to start the party and enter the atmosphere, connecting with men and women with an intense, astute and spontaneous personality".

The ready-to-drink category emerged in Mexico more than two decades ago. Data from the consultancy Euromonitor International, report that during 2018 ready-to-drink beverages record consumption of 180 million liters per year, an approximate annual growth of 6 percent, conditions that motivated the Dutch brewer to integrate this category into its portfolio.

"This new product (Canijilla) allows us to expand our market and get closer to the tastes of young people who enjoy the party and love fun. We are very happy with this foray into the category of ready-to-drink beverages. With Canijilla we offer the best option to heat engines," said Alejandro Berman, Brand Director of the Craft Beer and New Categories Portfolio at Heineken Mexico.

This new drink has two Mexican flavors, one salty: mango picosito (mango with chamoy and piquete) and another with a touch acidity: lemon cucumber (lemon with cucumber and piquete). Canijilla is available in cans of 355 milliliters in SIX stores, and from May 16 for sale in self-service stores and convenience stores.


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