Violence in the Sierra de Guerrero makes inhabitants flee from Los Morros again

Guerrero, Mexico
Guerrero, Mexico

The level of violence resulting from the clashes in Leonardo Bravo and Helidoro Castillo, municipalities disputed by the South Cartel and the Tlacotepec, in the Central region of Guerrero, reached one of its highest levels on Friday morning.

The same criminals broadcast videos through social networks during and after the confrontation. In one of them they warn that the dejected ones will be left hanging in the trees.

The South Cartel is commanding by Isaac Navarrete Celis, "The Lord of the I", and the one of Tlacotepec, led by Juan Castillo Gómez, alias "El Teniente". Both dispute the Xochipala - Tlacotepec corridor where several communities converge.

During the last weeks, human rights organizations have detected the increase of displaced people from their places of origin. 

This morning, about 100 inhabitants of the community of Los Morros, the municipality of Leonardo Bravo, fled their homes again.They had barely returned on November 17, after clashes a week earlier.

With information from En Punto.