Civil Protection of Quintana Roo activated Operation Storm due to heavy rains and strong gusts of wind Due to the entrance of the cold front number 31, Operation Storm was activated in Quintana Roo due to the intensity of the rain and strong gusts of wind, informed the head of the State Coordination of Civil Protection (COEPROC), Adrián Martínez Ortega.

Since Sunday there has been raining and wind with gusts of more than 50 kilometers per hour, which has caused the fall of trees and cables of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in several municipalities. In Cozumel, Chetumal, Puerto Juarez, Punta Sam and Isla Mujeres, the boats for passenger transport still work on a regular basis. However, the ports are closed to the navigation of smaller vessels.

The authorities asked the citizens not to leave their homes if it is not necessary, to avoid accidents and safeguard their integrity. NOTICE: Citizens are asked not to leave the house if it is not necessary to safeguard their integrity, due to the strong gusts of wind and rain generated by the cold front 31.

A tree succumbed to the strong gusts of wind in Playa del Carmen and fell on a dozen tourists that passed through the place. They were immediately rescued by pedestrians and workers from nearby commercial establishments. The tree, of approximately 10 meters (32 feet), fell in front of the Hotel Selina, however, quickly the witnesses of the event organized to raise it and allow the exit of those who were trapped between its branches.