VIDEO: The famous "Maradonian goal" of the 1986 Mexico World Cup in Turkey


VIDEO: They imitate the famous "Maradonian goal" of the 1986 Mexico World Cup in Turkey

In a match of the fifth division of Turkish football, a goal of very similar characteristics was given to Diego Armando Maradona to the England team in the World Cup

Diego Armando Maradona is one of the best footballers in history and will live forever in world football minds for two goals, in particular, one, the famous "Hand of God" and the other, the historic "Goal of the Century", both scored to England in the quarterfinals of the World Cup Mexico 1986.

In the last hours, a goal of similar characteristics became viral, in spite of having left an environment for much, less professional than a match of the World Cup, as it is the fifth division of Turkish soccer, starring Nigerian Esosa Priestley.

The goal came in the 50th minute, which was the 2-0, of the 3-0 victory of his team, the Yozgatspor 1959 FK, against Ünyespor. In the creation of the goal, he started from his own half court to start with a series of dribbling with which he began to draw rivals from above.

This 22-year-old Nigerian forward arrived for the current season at the Yozgatspor 1959 FK where he has scored four goals, with that of last Sunday, but without a doubt, he will be remembered for the rest of his career. He came to Turkish football in 2016, when he joined Igdir Aras Spor, and then played at Artvin Hopaspor.

Two touches later, he took out other defenders and in the area, before the desperate exit of the goalkeeper, marked the main difference with Maradona's goal, which was with a dribble out of the goalie's bailout. The Nigerian leaned inside the goalkeeper's exit and scored an empty goal.

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