Video: Priest explains what is the root of the evils and the crime that Mexico suffers


The dramatic situation of crimes and violence that the country is experiencing has an origin "as old as humanity", warned Fr. Hugo Valdemar, penitentiary canon of the First Archdiocese of Mexico.

In his recent column "The huachicol (fuel theft) and the other evils", in the Mexican newspaper ContraRéplica, Fr. Valdemar pointed out that the origin of Mexico's ills is "sin, that transgression against God and his commandments that are not it only offends him, but it hurts other people, and even nature itself. "

The priest recalled the recent tragedy in the municipality of Tlahuelilpan, 100 kilometers from Mexico City, where an explosion in a clandestine fuel intake killed more than 100 people.

The theft and trafficking of adulterated gasoline, known as "huachicol", is one of the main challenges facing the new government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, since it costs three billion dollars in losses each year to Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), the state fuel company.

The death of those who were stealing fuel from the clandestine takeover has sparked debates in social networks about their responsibility in the tragedy.

For Fr. Valdemar, "beyond the debate that saturates the opinion of the media and social networks we must ask ourselves where is the origin of all the ills that our country is suffering".

"Saint Paul says very correctly in his First Letter to Timothy (6, 7-10), that greed, that is, the love of money, is the origin of all evils," he said.

The Mexican priest said that "the love of money and the excessive desire to have it at the cost of whatever it is, is the cause of corruption, of organized crime that traffics drugs, extorts and kidnaps people, of theft of all kinds that he has no justification because he will always run into the command of 'you will not steal' ".

"The works of God that are good, truth and justice will never be compatible with those of the devil that are evil, lies and injustice," he added, so "invoke God to do evil and go out with success is blasphemous, God can not be used and ask for protection to do the deeds of the evil one, not only is it aberrant but it offends the sanctity and goodness of God ".

"Therefore it is not possible to be a Christian and have devotion to Santa Muerte, thinking that such a horrendous superstition can defend the narcos, kidnappers and thieves, it is not possible to dress the sacred image of the Child Jesus as the Valverde thief or as a huachicolero, as if we could clothe Jesus with the works of evil, "he added.

Father Valdemar stressed that "we can not make God an accomplice of evil, we can not do it according to our needs and caprice, God is not there to do our will, true faith is the opposite, to understand that we must always do the will of God. God, and among his commands is you will not steal, you will not kill, and you will not covet the things of others. "

"If Mexican Catholics keep God's commands, as a country we would not be in such a deplorable situation, but the root of all our ills is in the personal sin we have also done socially," he added.

"Institutional efforts will be of little value if we do not convert, that is, if we do not change our way of thinking and acting to live as God intended," he concluded.