Video: Plane tires explode and landing gear burns upon arrival in Guadalajara

Aeromexico plane
Aeromexico plane

An airplane carrying 151 passengers registered a fire in the landing gear, prior to its arrival at the Guadalajara International Airport; no one was injured.

The General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics will conduct the investigations and determine the causes of the accident in which Boeing 737-800 suffered a puncture of four wheels of the main landing gear.

"The emergency services of the Guadalajara International Airport acted timely according to their guidelines and international parameters, passengers and crew are happily in perfect condition," said GAP.

The communication area of ​​Grupo Aeromexico reiterated that none of the 151 passengers or crew members were injured, but safety protocols were followed.

"All (the passengers) went down on their own feet, with the normal security protocols that we have for this type of case, there was no additional incident."

The State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco reported that by the time the flights are being diverted to other airports such as Puerto Vallarta, León and Aguascalientes.

The accident was recorded around 10:50 hours this Thursday, when the AM120 flight that came from Mexico City landed.

Staff at the airport put out the fire that caused the plane to send off plumes of white smoke, as spread in a video on social networks.

The landing gear ended up embedded in the asphalt, according to the Bomberos de Jalisco.