With a GoPro, a group of assassins recorded the attack they made on a vulcanizer in Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato, where four people died on February 5. In social networks circulates a video in which it is appreciated how a group of assassins attacks a vulcanizer with bullets, in the municipality of Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato. In the attack, four people were executed, while one more was seriously injured.

In the video, presumably recorded by the assassins, it is seen how the armed commando arrives at a vulcanizer and, with weapons of high power, shoot against it and its occupants on several occasions. The assassins would have recorded the attack with a 'GoPro' type camera, which was carried by one of the gunmen. After committing the attack, the assassins broke into the business to verify that there are no survivors. The criminals allegedly belong to the Santa Rosa de Lima group, dedicated to huachicoleo in the state.