Video: 'Get out of my damn country', shouts woman to Mexican restaurant manager in the US

In an act of racism, a woman yelled at a manager of a Mexican restaurant in the United States: "Get out of my damn country," because she spoke Spanish.

It is a new incident of hatred, now at a Mexican restaurant in Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States. The incident was recorded in the video below, over the weekend.

The incident was reported on Facebook by the user of Irma Deleon, last Saturday.

"My daughter captured this situation while working (...) I was scared. (...) We should be united as a country but there is a lot of hatred. (...) I will pray that this woman is a better person, "said the woman in the publication, who accompanied the videos.

The man assaulted in the video is Sergio Budar, manager of the three Tampico Mexican Restaurant stores. "The incident occurred on Saturday the 16th, around 3:30 p.m.," Budar told Univision.

"I was talking to the owner and a restaurant partner, we were all Mexican and we were talking in Spanish with each other, we were talking about plans we have, remodelling and suddenly this client stands up," Budar said.

She noted that at that time, the woman said that she had lived in California for 20 years and that "everyone spoke Spanish" and that "she did not like that".

"At first I thought it was a joke, but she kept screaming and I asked her if she had any problem talking to us in Spanish," added Sergio Budar, 46 years old.

The woman said that English is her first language, "so you need to speak English." "Get out of my damn country!" she shouted shortly after.

After that sentence, reactions of amazement were heard from other guests who were in the place, while the woman said that she "is not racist."

Budar, originally from Tamaulipas, indicated that he is a citizen of the United States "and I did not tell him, but how am I going to leave here, if this is also my country?" he questioned.

Sergio Budar has lived for 19 years and lives in the United States, where he arrived for a job offer. Later, he became a citizen and his children were born there.

Among the screams, Budar tells the woman to leave the restaurant and that he would pay for what she consumed.

"I felt a lot of courage," said the restaurant manager, victim of this racial attack in West Virginia.

The manager confirmed that the woman threw a napkin in his face while she continued to scream and a man who accompanied her held her to try to contain her.

When she stands up, the woman starts screaming that she had allegedly been raped by undocumented aliens and tried to approach Budar violently:

"So I was raped by an illegal alien, but you can speak English, and I have to be nice to you."

Budar commented that he had never been involved in a hate attack, in which he tried to handle the situation in the best possible way; However, he did not rule out calling the police if the woman became more aggressive.

Now, Budar feels calm but at that moment he gave him a lot of "courage". "It is very ugly to go through something like that," he concluded.