VIDEO: A man gives a pair of boots to AMLO "so he can continue kicking corruption"


A follower of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took a moment to approach and give him a pair of "tribal" boots with the legend "to keep kicking corruption."

Mexican Pointy Boots
Mexican Pointy Boots

On January 29, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made his first official visit to San Luis Potosí, where one of the citizens received him with a "tribal" style pair of boots.

The follower took advantage of the moment when the President took photographs with residents of the town of Cedral to approach him and explain why he gave him his boots.

Through a video shared on social networks, we observe how the man sticks a card to the black boots with the phrase: "so that he keeps kicking corruption".

The video has already reached dozens of reactions on social networks, especially on Twitter, where the account "AMLO doing things" has already had about 80 likes and 31 retweets to its publication.

After receiving the boots, López Obrador was happy and appreciated the gift of footwear, used in that part of the country.