Infection, apocalyptic take on zombies against the Venezuelan regime


The director Flavio Pedota presents at the FICG his film Infection, where from genre film he criticizes the government of his country

For two years the Venezuelan filmmaker Flavio Pedota came to settle in Mexico where he was able to consolidate his first feature film Infección, an apocalyptic zombie film where Venezuela is spoken of today without censorship.

"We are going through a terrible crisis, being here is a bittersweet feeling because I know everything that is happening there, however the film has current content about Venezuela today, without censorship, where Chavismo still governs and this is reflected in the film, "mentions the director who competes in the 34th edition of the International Film Festival in Guadalajara with his debut film.

"Making a film in Venezuela is complicated, even more so with problems of scarcity, but art always goes ahead and we look for an ingenious way to shoot it in the Venezuelan town where I grew up, the locations were borrowed and that helped."

Infection narrates when a strange virus derived from rabies begins to spread through Venezuela and doctor will have to put his family safe, although the authorities try to hide this chaos.

"If there was an infection in Venezuela, the Maduro government would respond as well as in the film, that's what they did with chikungunya. The leaders of the government would come out saying that everything is normal and that nothing happens, blaming the empire, they are sociopaths who blame others for their failures and the film shows all this. The film was filmed in Venezuela and I am an opponent without censorship."

The film that makes accusations against the government of Nicolás Maduro is located within the subgenre of zombie films. And its creator recognizes that it is very complicated by the action, makeup and effects that is required, even had the collaboration of some creators of the series Games of Thrones.

Flavio is clear that his film will hardly be shown in Venezuela, "I do not want to give them the pleasure of being censored, I already talked to distributors and they tell me to wait, for now, we are in festivals and we hope with faith that in Venezuela there is a change, that Venezuela opens up to the market and the economic laws that destroyed the country are left, "he says.

The fear of reprisals exists, says the filmmaker, "but after twenty years you're fed up, now being out of the country is that I feel freer to do this."

The film Infection was financed with credit cards and the help of several friends, through crowdfunding and got the co-production with the Mexican company Desenlace Films, in fact, it has already closed its distribution for the national territory, but before it will go through several festivals like the Blood Window in Argentina.

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