Vaccination Passport: What is it and why can you be asked for it?

The idea is that the vaccination passport digital credentials show details of the tests and vaccinations the user has undergone.

Vaccination Passport: What is it and why can you be asked for it?
Photo by CDC / Unsplash

Covid-19's vaccine has brought hope to the world that it will return to normal in the face of the possibility of leaving and traveling again without using coveralls and other security measures. However, to visit another country, it is likely that more than just the vaccine will be needed: proof of vaccination against the coronavirus.

Some companies are already using technology to allow people to show proof of vaccination from their phones. In the new era, already close to post-covid-19, the digital file would have the function of proving if a person is vaccinated against the coronavirus before accessing concerts, stadiums, theaters, and even trips to other countries.

The idea is that these digital credentials would show details of the tests and vaccines that the user was subjected to.

The World Economic Forum and other organizations have already partnered with several airlines such as JetBlue, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Swiss Airlines, and United Airlines to have this identification displayed before the flight.

It all comes in a QR

For travel, the application will display a QR code and a health pass that must be shown at the flight departure and arrival points. In addition, travelers must be tested each time they cross a country's border.

IBM, for example, and other companies also work on this type of application. The U.S. company created Digital Health Pass, which allows companies and places to customize the indicators required for people to enter a site, such as temperature controls and vaccination records. The credentials will be stored inside the Wallet for users to speed up their access to them.