Ushuaia travel guide: an express trip to the end of the world


Summer comes inexorably and with it the holidays. In this context, there is a destination that has been consolidating in recent years and could become the 'top of the season'. This is Ushuaia, where more than 130,000 tourists will arrive on cruise ships alone.

The lighthouse Les Eclaireurs in Ushuaia, called the end of the world but not the one that inspired Jules Verne. Photo: Adolfo Díaz
The lighthouse Les Eclaireurs in Ushuaia, called the end of the world but not the one that inspired Jules Verne. Photo: Adolfo Díaz

In an express trip, the following are some of the attractions of the southernmost city in the world. The flight arrives on Saturday morning and from the airport, a short journey takes one to Los Cauquenes, a 5* boutique hotel with all the comfort and plus of being located right on the banks of the Canal and with its own beach.

The first step is a stroll through the city center. The city is at the foot of the Martial mountain range and bathed by the waters of the Beagle Channel, the maritime pass that joins the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Seen from the sea, Ushuaia extends parallel to the coast and in the center stands out San Martín Street, which concentrates the intense comings and goings of tourists from one store to another. Tax-free and gastronomic businesses are also attracting attention.

A few meters from the center, is the property of what was the prison of Ushuaia, today a museum, in whose pavilions served sentences characters such as the 'petiso orejudo' (famous killer who died in the prison beaten to death by his comrades), the anarchist Simon Radowitzky, who attempted against the police chief Ramon Falcon, an infinity of political prisoners and, even say, Carlos Gardel himself, accused of being a 'cafiolo'.

In the afternoon, the tour of the End of the World Train starts. A steam train inspired in the one that took the prisoners of the prison of Ushuaia to look for the necessary wood to heat the prison and the constructions. Today it operates as a tourist train for 7km of part of its original route.

Back at the hotel, you can choose the spa, one of the three jacuzzis (two of them outdoors), the in-out heated swimming pool, the sauna or a pass through the modern gym. If one is talking about gastronomy, it is not possible to leave Ushuaia without trying some of the emblematic products, such as spider crab and black hake and, for carnivores, a good fuegian lamb a la estaca.

The second day of the program begins very early with a full breakfast. It is time to navigate the waters of the Beagle. The excursions can be hired in the same port, among several options, but in the present case the option is that of the hotel in its boat, Akawaia, which offers a full day option and combines navigation with trekking through the National Park.

It leaves the bay of Ushuaia and sails towards the island of the lighthouse; it passes by the island of wolves and also the island of birds, populated by cormorants, and later the lighthouse called Les Eclaireurs, known as the lighthouse of the end of the world, although it is not the one that inspired Julio Verne in his novel.

The end of the navigation is crowned with an exquisite picnic that helps to take forces to face the trekking by the National Park Tierra del Fuego. Long walks along trails between forests of ñires and lengas, streams of crystalline waters and lagoons, sightseeing an enormous amount of native birds.

In the park is the southernmost curious post office, where for more than 20 years tourists from around the world take the opportunity to send postcards and letters with their coveted stamp. There is also a sign indicating the end of the long route 3 and also the end of our express walk. Back to the hotel, a restorative nap, spa and a quick dinner before the flight heading north.

Norwegian has a flight from Córdoba with a night stop in Buenos Aires, from where it departs very early on Saturday and arrives in Ushuaia at 8:40. It returns on Sunday at 23:30 so that, in two full days, you can enjoy the destination to the fullest.

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