USA will send "thousands" of military more to the border with Mexico


Interim US Defense Secretary Patrick Michael Shanahan announced on Tuesday that they will send "thousands" of additional troops into the border with Mexico to support the border patrol in security work.

The deployment of troops would cost 680 million dollars.
The deployment of troops would cost 680 million dollars.

Shanahan reported that the US military supports the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in its recent request for an extension of the Pentagon mission on the border with "several thousand" more military on the southern border.

Officials from the Department of Defense later clarified that they plan to send 2,000 more elements to the border to the 2,400 soldiers currently on the border with Mexico, according to information from The New York Times.

According to Shanahan, the troops that will arrive at the border will help in the installation of concertina cables (a type of barbed wire), in addition to assisting in the surveillance work.

Since the end of October, while the first migrant caravan of Central Americans was making its way to the United States. to escape poverty and violence, US President Donald Trump authorized the deployment of 5,200 soldiers to the border with Mexico.

Weeks later, Trump threatened to send up to 15,000 soldiers and warned that no one was going to enter US territory.

Although the 4,400 soldiers who hope to have at the border in the coming weeks does not exceed the number of troops deployed in November, Trump continues to say he will build a large wall on the border with Mexico to prevent the passage of migrants and make "fall crime".

On Tuesday, officials of the Ministry of Defense admitted to the Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives that the deployment of troops and members of the National Guard on the border with Mexico would cost 680 million dollars, according to the site. military Stars and Stripes.

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