USA, Spain and Mexico invested US $ 258 million in Bogotá in 2018


Companies from the United States, Spain and Mexico were the ones that invested the most in Bogota during 2018, the year in which Invest in Bogota supported the arrival of 43 new and expansion projects that exceeded 258 million dollars.

Invest in Bogota announced that the projects in the capital generated close to 5,000 direct jobs.
Invest in Bogota announced that the projects in the capital generated close to 5,000 direct jobs.

The director of Invest in Bogota, an agency that promotes foreign investment in the city, Juan Gabriel Pérez, explained through a statement that the projects generated about 5,000 direct jobs.

"The type of companies we are attracting generate quality jobs, improve the living conditions of citizens and generate a transmission of knowledge that ends up benefiting the economic sectors that these companies are part of," said Pérez.

Among the companies highlighted is the American Hubspot, which works in the area of digital marketing and installed its regional operations headquarters in Bogotá. Similarly, Medtronic, the second largest medical device company in the world, arrived in the Colombian capital to operate with its Global Shared Services Center.

In addition, in the middle of last year, the giant in electronic commerce and cloud computing services Amazon opened its regional customer service center in the city. For Spain, the arrival of the company Fandroid Entertainment, owned by Mediapro, which in 2018 presented the Professional Videogames League in the country, is highlighted.

All these companies were installed with the help of Invest in Bogota, which as part of its strategy carried out "14 sector promotion campaigns" in ten markets in America and Europe. Likewise, they carried out six campaigns in China and the countries of the Pacific Alliance, a bloc composed of Peru, Chile and Mexico, as well as Colombia.

The country that made the most investment in Bogotá was the United States with 18% of the projects, followed by Spain (12%), Mexico (9%) and France (7%). These countries were joined by Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, South Korea and Japan, the report added. By sectors, the technology and service outsourcing (BPO) received the highest investment with 23%, followed by life sciences (20%), infrastructure (16%), creative industries (16%) and manufactures and processed foods (11.5%).

Invest in Bogota has supported the arrival of 336 investment projects between 2007 and 2018 that have added more than 2,300 million dollars and have generated more than 35,000 jobs.