United States shields Eagle Pass bridges from migrants


US authorities announced that the drills on both international bridges crossing from Piedras Negras, Coahuila to Eagle Pass, Texas will continue before the possibility that the migrant caravan intends to enter the United States in a violent way.

The US border patrol performs constant drills to deter illegal crossing attempts. Photo: El Sol de Mexico
The US border patrol performs constant drills to deter illegal crossing attempts. Photo: El Sol de Mexico

Paul del Rincon, director of Eagle Pass Customs, said that it has the support of 1,500 agents of various federal corporations, in addition to 300 soldiers who arrived yesterday from Arizona, faced with the possibility that they face the worst scenario, which would be an income mass and violent of Central Americans on this border.

Eagle Pass is a small border town that became the epicenter of a debate about US national security because of illegal immigration.

Unanimous rejection of IP and citizenship to new migrant caravan

Since Tuesday, the public park located on the banks of the Rio Grande was closed for federal authorities to deploy a surveillance operation to prevent illegal crossings.

Its staff can process 16 to 20 asylum requests per day. According to Paul Del Rincon, processing the requests of the thousand 800 to two thousand Central Americans seeking to reach the US would take months.

The arrival of federal reinforcements to guard the border collapsed Eagle Pass hotels, which are at maximum capacity.

Agents of the Customs of the United States made yesterday afternoon, another simulation on the International Bridge Acuña-Del Rio, to stop any massive attempt of the caravan of Honduran migrants.

Agents placed concrete barricades, in addition to barbed wire and used tear gas, as a test in case migrants wanted to cross into the United States violently.

US customs sources say that these practices will be carried out randomly and at different times during the rest of the week.

Similar exercises have been documented at the Tijuana-San Diego, Mexicali-Calexico, San Luis Rio Colorado-San Luis, Las Dos Nogales (Sonora and Arizona), Ciudad Juárez-El Paso, Reynosa-McAllen, and these days with more periodicity in Piedras Negras-Eagle Pass.

Until yesterday afternoon, 27 migrants who arrived at Piedras Negras in the caravan that remains in the general shelter, have expressed before the staff of the National Institute of Migration (INM) their desire to be returned to their country of origin.

From Tuesday, the INM arranged buses to transport from Piedras Negras to migration stations in Mexico City, Mexico State or Veracruz to those wishing to be repatriated or to those detected in the streets of Piedras Negras without any documents allow to be legally in the country.

"The migrants who decided to return to their country are in all their rights and will be offered the return to their countries of origin," said the migration authorities.

The migrants are dissatisfied with the treatment that the government of Coahuila gives them when they are kept in the shelter provided in an old industrial park.