UNAM is the best university in Latin America according to this ranking


The discussion of which is the best university in the country ignites even the most peaceful passions.

UNAM, the best university in Latin America
UNAM, the best university in Latin America

That if the Tec, that if the Poli, the point is that every time a list like this one comes out, the students and graduates dedicate themselves to share it by WhatsApp, proclaiming that they left the best school.

On this occasion, the UNAM again received the place of the best university in all of Latin America according to a study that analyzed 200 institutions organized by the uniRank page.

According to uniRank, the objective of their selection is to create a list of the university institutions in Latin America that are more recognized and have more prestige, all based on valid web metrics that qualify as impartial and non-influenceable.

Among the ten best universities in the region, six Brazilian universities were selected (Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Federal of Rio Grande, State of Campinas, Universidad Estácio de Sá and Federal of Santa Catarina), in addition to the National University of Colombia and the Buenos Aires University.

From Mexico, the only one that was listed in addition to the UNAM was the University of Guadalajara (UDG) which occupied the fifth place.

To be in this top 10 uniRank indicated that they have to meet certain criteria:

"Be authorized and/or accredited by the corresponding organization related to higher education in your country; offer at least four years of undergraduate or postgraduate studies (master's or doctorate); teach courses predominantly in a traditional education format, face-to-face and not only online."

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