Uber can now operate in Puerto Vallarta. The Secretary of Transportation headed by Diego Monraz granted the platform the official authorization to operate as a Transportation Network Company in that location. Registration of vehicles and driving partners will last eight days starting January 13 and will take place at a module installed at Unirse from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monraz highlighted Uber's compliance with the requirements of the Mobility Law, which will allow the provision of an orderly service following the legislation.

"Anarchy is not the way to offer any kind of public or private service, especially when it is one that is highly demanded by local, national and international people. From now on it will be a different story, no longer one of confrontation or blackmail, but one of regularity, orderliness, compliance with the law and supervision".

Uber started the procedure to get permission to operate in November. The Mayor of Vallarta, Arturo Dávalos, celebrated the granting of authorization to this company, which is in great demand by tourism.