Tulum-Punta Allen route restored

After a little more than five years that the transport service was suspended, the Tulum-Punta Allen route and vice versa, was reopened and for 13 days a unit began to circulate to that fishing community, leaving every day at two the afternoon from the facilities of foreign combis of the local taxi driver's guild, and returns the next day at five in the morning, said the operator Germán Mérida.

 It’s one of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world. Photo: Dangerous roads.org
It’s one of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world. Photo: Dangerous roads.org

The cost of the ticket is 200 pesos, for nationals and foreigners, said Germán Mérida, who added that the road is in very bad conditions, that it is in need of a repair, due to the above, some say that the cost of transportation is very expensive, because they are only 56 kilometers, although others still think that the fare is fair, because although the section is short, the road is in very bad conditions and to travel it is three hours from Tulum or from Punta Allen.

The operator of the combi that covers the route explains that for now the service is not profitable, but that at least it leaves for 'the day' and the operating expenses, so that those people of the fishing community have that transport service and come to Tulum, to do your shopping and paperwork, because that's where the combi leaves at five in the morning and arrives at nine in the morning in Tulum, and is back at 2:00 p.m.

In this way, Germán Mérida informed the users of the collective transport of the aforementioned route and returned to its usual route, so it began to circulate again for thirteen days, after which for more than five years it was already suspended. "From Tulum, the combi leaves at two in the afternoon, arrived at Punta Allen at five o'clock, I sleep there and I return until the next day, there the departure is at five o'clock in the morning, here we come again at nine o'clock in the morning, "he said.

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