Mayan Train and new international airport attract investment to Tulum

The Mexican Government projects to be built in Quintana Roo will benefit Tulum and are triggers for the attraction of new investors, said the CROC in the city.

Mayan Train and new international airport attract investment to Tulum
Tulum will benefit from new investment. Photo by Jônatas Tinoco / Unsplash

The opening of a new hotel in the Chemuyil area of Tulum confirms the good momentum that this municipality is experiencing after the announcements made by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, such as the beginning of the construction of the Airport and the Mayan Train. These are triggers for more investments to come.

The opening of another hotel of a well-known Mexican chain is approaching, which will generate some 200 direct jobs and 800 indirect jobs. The one that just opened has 600 direct jobs; it has 349 rooms and the characteristic that it is only for adults, but in March or April, also in the Chemuyil area, it will open its family hotel, all-inclusive, with 735 rooms, which represents more than a thousand direct jobs and at least 4 thousand indirect jobs.

All investors are betting on Tulum because the President announced the beginning of the construction of the air terminal in the limits between Felipe Carrillo Puerto and this Riviera Maya destination, which continues to boost the area.

The investments coming from the Federal Government, such as the Mayan Train and the Tulum International Airport, will not only be beneficial for the ninth municipality, but also for Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Cobá, and even for Valladolid and Chemax, in Yucatán, because they are an hour and a half away from the location of this new airport and if they were to go to Mérida or Cancún, they would bet more on coming to this area.

Although it is unknown what other investments are coming to the municipality, there are many projects ready to start and others that are expected to arrive this year. In the case of the hotel of the Mexican chain, it is an investment of approximately 120 million pesos and in the case of the hotels of a US chain, there is talk of more than 400 million dollars of investment.