Little remains of the once dazzling and safe first-class tourist destination; the now magical village of Tulum, which sadly boasts the highest crime levels in all of Quintana Roo, and in terms of insecurity Tulum ranks among the highest crime rates in the country.

Among the many crimes perpetrated perhaps the mildest, but also the most common and abundant is the theft of vehicles, carried out with total impunity at any time of day or night.

Many of the perpetrators of this seemingly minor crime are also part of criminal groups dedicated to serious crimes and almost all have their center of operations in the different areas of invasion that were promoted precisely by the current municipal president and his group of officials, several of whom are also invading leaders.

On this occasion, two victims of the municipal misgovernment of Tulum were a couple of doctors from the state of Oaxaca who scheduled a vacation several months ago.

"We are a couple of tourists from Oaxaca, doctors by profession, we started our trip out of Cancun where we rented a car Aveo, on Friday, October 4 at approximately 5:We parked on Calle Mercurio and Avenida Cobá to go to an ATM near the Wish Hotel, so I opened the trunk to get my card holder out of the suitcase, and we went to the ATM, but it was an ATM and I needed Banamex, we crossed because the navigator indicated that there was another nearby crossing the avenue, just inside Chedraui, so it was still a little far and we needed to do some shopping we went back by car to park it in the parking lot, later when we arrived to make the reservation at the hotel Punta Tulum, when we lowered our belongings we realized that they had opened the car, they stole a large black suitcase with men's clothing, some new, four new bags, three Guess bags and one Lacoste with a total cost of all 12,500, which had bought in Cancun, four pairs of lenses Ray Ban brand, two Ferrari edition with a cost of six thousand 800 each, another of three thousand 800 and more than three thousand 500, an Xtreme camera, a pair of Reebok tennis, a pair of women's north face sandals, a Puma cap and a North Face cap, Apple Watch and iPhone chargers, and an amount of 34,000 pesos, among personal items, opened the whole car, the only thing they left was a dark red woman's suitcase, and our rucksacks which were looted".

The most serious thing for a couple of doctors was to observe the negligence of the police for the first report of the Public Ministry to receive their complaint, but, above all, the staff of the Hotel Wish Tulum that despite having a surveillance camera pointing directly at his vehicle, said in charge of the hotel said "I have already seen the recording and there was nothing", at the insistence of those affected and even the police to access the video recording the response was that "if I wanted to believe him it was fine and if not in a way but simply there would be no access to that recording.

As a consolation from the police, the tourists were told something that instead of calming their outrage at the robbery they suffered increased their irritation at observing clear complicity between those who should provide a good image to the visitors.

To date, only the complaint has been filed without further progress and for its part the Hotel Which has refused to deliver the video recording of the time of the events: the police act in almost all cases reported in the same way.

According to some sources within the same organization, only some of every 10 robberies of this type are reported, and less than two out of every one hundred reports achieve the return of what was stolen to those affected.