Tulum environment at risk due to lack of sanitary drainage


The general director of the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA), Gerardo Mora Vallejo, acknowledged that the installation of sanitary sewage in the coastal zone of Tulum is urgent to avoid affecting the table water.

From his point of view, it is really the possibility of registering cases of black water discharge to the subsoil, the mangrove areas and even the cenotes that are so common in the region and that are part of the tourist attractions.

He considered it urgent to establish an emerging program for the treatment of sewage in the coastal area of Tulum because until now it is only through "pipes" as its removal takes place.

Gerardo Mora insisted that this is a matter that should be addressed as soon as possible since there are hotels that supply water with wells, which at a certain moment could register some degree of contamination.

In this context, he said that they have already begun negotiations with the Federal Government, even seeking to link employers, to finalize a sanitary drainage project.

He explained that they require an investment of 200 million pesos to be able to carry it out and intend to suggest that hoteliers, at a certain moment, contribute 10 per cent of the capital, that is, 20 million pesos, starting from the premise that would benefit a thousand hotel rooms.

It is important to consolidate the sanitary drainage project since it has detected some hotels that have made deep wells to supply water for their tenants, but they do not maintain it and the water even has verdigris, he concluded.

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