Tulum will showcase artistic and ecological festival 'Art With Me'

Image: Courtesy of Art With Me festival organizers
Image: Courtesy of Art With Me festival organizers

From April 24 to 28 Tulum will host a new account of the Art With Me festival, which will bring together musicians such as Michael Franti, Bedouin, Jan Blomqvist & The Band, and Monolink and the artists Keith Haring, Ernesto Neto, Pedro Friedeberg and Mark Ryden.

Art With Me emerged in 2018 as the first arts and eco-culture festival in Tulum. It offers programming based on seven central pillars that include: art, sustainability, music, wellness, gastronomy, and family; besides looking for the development of a platform to inspire change.

For this year the theme is: Change Begins with Me. One of the main approaches is to bring awareness and solutions to the infrastructure and environmental challenges that Tulum faces in order to create a sustainable future.

For this year, Phase 1 has already been announced, which will present a diverse range of exhibits, including works by artist and Mexican surrealist designer Pedro Friedeberg; a large-scale biomorphic installation by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto; works of the legendary New York urban artist Keith Haring; American artist Mark Ryden will also participate, known globally as The Godfather of Pop Surrealism; there will be a multidisciplinary work by Daniel Popper, widely known for its large-scale installations; we will have works by the winner of four Emmy awards, the artist Wayne White and works by the Colombian sculptor Rafael Gómezbarros.

Phase 1 also includes Afro-Brazilian political artist Paulo Nazareth and will feature the key member of Mayan Warrior and the Illumina team, James Turrell in collaboration with Paolo Montiel. There will be the Russian artist Margo Trushina, whose art is on display at IK LAB; works by Brazilian fashion designer Oskar Metsavaht, known for his work focused on sustainability.

Also on the program is the Canadian artist and nature guide, Kirsten Brophy. The art gallery of Mexico City MAIA Contemporary will be present along with the New York artist Harif Guzman, known for his controversial works; click here to review the complete schedule.

Art With Me also has a music program called Dance With Me that will feature a variety of performers including the acclaimed vocalist, producer and altruist Michael Franti; to the nomads and producers of Brooklyn, Bedouin; the live performance of Jan Blomqvist and his sound influenced by Berlin's techno; the reggae music of award-winning Mike Love; a sound experience produced by the composer and producer Monolink, known for his environmental approach to electronic music; the live performance of Mardeleva, a musical group that includes the founder of Habitas, Eduardo Castillo; the music of multi-instrumentalist and composer RicoLoop, known for his individual live performances and the participation of the international duo of house and techno KMLN.

Care With Me is the environmental pillar of Art With Me and its mission is to promote awareness and sustainability to Tulum and the planet. Care With Me programming includes talks, workshops, indigenous ceremonies, art derived from recycling, interactive experiences to educate and encourage attendees to adopt conscious and sustainable practices while in Tulum and that can be applied back home. These activities extend beyond the Festival, seeking synergy with the local community, businesses, municipality, NGOs and environmental entities throughout the year.

The purpose of this is to help the region to become aware and take action on the environmental problems generated by the accelerated growth that is being experienced. The assistants of Art With Me, GNP can contribute to the commitment of Care With Me, which appeals to those interested in these issues to become part of the solution.

"As owners of local companies, it is our responsibility to inform ourselves about the environmental problems of the region and its solutions in order to develop business practices that are in harmony with our environment," said David Graziano, founder of Art With Me.

"In its inaugural year, I've seen Art With Me brings together more than 25 local companies around this common goal, a very exciting first step, and I hope Art With Me will become a benchmark for the travel industry. so that people not only come to Tulum on vacation but also have an active role protecting this place, now and for future generations."

Attendees will also have the opportunity to appreciate the Eat With Me program that presents culinary art curated by chef José Luis Hinostroza, owner of the Arca restaurant in Tulum. Multiple Mexican chefs will present their innovative menus using ingredients native to the region in some of the best restaurants and pop-ups in our beach and village pavilions.

Another key point of Art With Me is Breathe With Me, consisting of a robust wellness program that includes Mayan clay ceremonies, women's circles, herbal medicine, cocoa ceremonies, drum circles, workshop and Ayurveda tasting, ecstatic dance, yoga, the traditional Mayan temazcal and much more.

Play With Me programming includes fun events designed for families with children and is meant to inspire creativity and depth of thought in our future leaders. Additionally, there is the Give With Me program that will present free concerts open to the public, talks, and art designed to help spread knowledge about our mission and commitment to the local community.

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