Tropical Storm Blas forms and will affect these states

In Oaxaca, the alert phase was declared for tropical storm 'Blas'. Civil Protection authorities indicate that brigades with a task force of between 200 to 400 men are on the alert to attend to any contingency.

Tropical Storm Blas forms and will affect these states
Torrential rains and possible flooding in these states due to Tropical Storm Blas. Image: SMN

Tropical depression "Dos-E" has intensified to tropical storm Blas; its center is located off the coast of Guerrero. Its cloud bands are causing rain, strong winds, and high waves in western and southern states, in addition to increasing the probability of rain in the center of the country.

According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), tropical storm Blas is located 400 km southwest of Acapulco, Guerrero, and 615 km south-southeast of Manzanillo, Colima.

The states to be affected by storm Blas

The National Water Commission's (Conagua) agency indicated that it will affect several states in the country. Heavy rains with occasional torrential downpours are expected in Guerrero and Oaxaca. Heavy rains with occasional very heavy rains in Colima and Michoacán.

In addition to reinforcing the probability of heavy rains in the center of the country. The SMN said that wind gusts of 50 to 60 km / h and waves of 2 to 3 meters high on the coasts of Michoacan, Guerrero, and Oaxaca are also expected.

Given this, the population, in general, was asked to take extreme precautions in the areas of the aforementioned states due to rain, wind, and waves (including maritime navigation) and to heed the recommendations issued by the authorities of the National Civil Protection System in each entity.