Toyota consolidated its reign in hybrid vehicles in Mexico in 2018


2018 was a difficult year for the automotive industry in Mexico. With a total of 108,761 units sold in 2018, it remains in the fourth position in the Mexican market.

However for Toyota, the best-selling Japanese automaker in the world, it was good. They increased their sales 3.3% over the previous year and is the best in its history since its arrival in Mexico.

With a total of 108 thousand 761 units sold in 2018, it remains in the fourth position in the market. The best-selling models of the brand were Hilux, Yaris Sedan, Avanza, Hiace and Sienna.

But a segment in which Toyota has taken a real smack on the table is in hybrid vehicles. They led the hybrid sector with more than 11 thousand cars sold and with two models: Prius C and Camry Hybrid. What represents 10% of your total sales.

Toyota became in 2018 the first brand to sell more than 10 thousand hybrid cars in Mexico and now they plan to launch the Toyota RAV4 2019, at the end of January, in a hybrid version. The country is the most important market for the Prius C model, only below Japan and the United States.

After exceeding its expectations in 2018, for this year the Japanese brand seeks to continue growing and its new goal is to sell 110 thousand vehicles, including the new generation of the Toyota Corolla model, one of the most successful in its history.

Towards the future, like their competitors, they plan for 2025 that all the lines of their vehicles have, at least, a hybrid and electric option. Toyota knows that this challenge is not only in European markets or in Canada and the US, but also in emerging markets such as Mexico.

In 2019 Toyota is one nose away from surpassing the one million units sold in Mexico since its arrival in 2002, one more achievement for a leading brand in the world.