Tourists swindled by boatmen of Puerto Juarez


A group of foreign tourists reported to the Municipal Tourism Office the boatmen of Puerto Juarez for the crime of fraud.

Tourist fraud in Cancun
Tourist fraud in Cancun

According to personnel from the agency in question, a group of foreign tourists arrived at the offices of the agency and said that tourism service providers boarded in the area of Puerto Juarez and promised a boat ride, snorkeling and food .

They indicated that they were subsequently shipped on one of the Naveganto company's ferries, which transported them to the island; however, the tour operators left them abandoned in the downtown area.

As they explained, there were around 30 tourists from Argentina, Colombia and Spain who were "hooked" in Puerto Juarez and transferred to the island.

It was thanks to the intervention of the staff of this agency that finally around 3:00 pm, the presumable providers of tourist services answered the calls of the tourists, only to provide them with food, but the boat ride and the snorkeling simply never occurred, because the port was closed from a day earlier.

The workers of the Directorate of Municipal Tourism announced that this type of practice is common, among some tourist workers of Puerto Juarez especially when navigation is restricted for boats under 40 feet in length, at the same time they noted that there was also another group of tourists affected.

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