Post-vacation syndrome: Life after the holidays


For some people, returning to everyday life after a vacation period ends can become an extremely difficult obstacle to overcome; it even becomes a phenomenon that affects an individual's emotional and physical health. Here is how to understand this issue better.

Experience life after the holidays
Experience life after the holidays

Post-vacation syndrome, also known as post-vacation stress or depression, refers to the anxiety that a person, particularly one who works, may experience when returning to daily activities after enjoying a period of rest.

This phenomenon is identified by symptoms such as excessive tiredness, sleep disorders, apathy, sadness, general malaise, or lack of concentration. It is not considered an illness, as the symptoms usually disappear after ten days. However, in some cases (the minor part), the symptoms remain longer, so it is recommended to go to a professional who offers help to combat depression, anxiety, and stress.

The numbers in Mexico

Based on some estimates, there are different studies that estimate that 40% of professionals in Mexico develop this syndrome. Unlike some European countries, where it occurs in people between 45 and 55 years of age, in our population, it can be observed from the age of 30.

The difference may be due to the fact that in Mexico, it is frequent that the employment is seen as a sacrifice and not as an opportunity to develop professionally and that it also allows people to cover their basic needs.

How to overcome this episode

There are some steps that can be taken to decrease the chance of developing this condition. For example, it is recommended that if you go out of town during your vacation, you return home at least two days before your return to work.

It is also recommended that days before returning to work, you should start sleeping a little earlier and not wake up so late, as you used to do during the vacation period.

On the first days that you return to work, it is best to set your alarm clock five minutes earlier than you did before you left on vacation.

It is not appropriate to try to solve all the outstanding issues during the first days that you have resumed work, as this can cause a lot of stress. On the contrary, the best thing is to start with those issues that are more urgent and require less physical and emotional effort; afterward, you should continue to attend to those that require more dedication.

If you practice any sports activity, taking it up again when you return to work will help you experience physical and emotional well-being.

Nevertheless, if after putting these recommendations into practice, a person cannot overcome this depressive episode, the most advisable thing to do is to seek the help of a professional.