More National Guard elements sent to Guanajuato

To reinforce security in Guanajuato, 1,100 more members of the National Guard will arrive in the next few days, a state that has suffered from cases of violence, especially in attacks on police officers, where in the last week they murdered 12 uniformed officers.

Another 1,100 guards will seek to appease the violence that has been unleashed in the state.
Another 1,100 guards will seek to appease the violence that has been unleashed in the state.

Ricardo Ortiz Gutiérrez, mayor of Irapuato, assured that he was notified by the state government and the Mexican Army itself of the sending of the elements of the National Guard, and that of these 1,100 elements will be 250 exclusively for the municipality, with which Irapuato will add 450 elements of the recently created security group.

"They told us that they don't come from pasadita but to stay; of course that reinforces us a lot on the issue of security, even more with the new generations of police and the dignity that we are doing," said the municipal president. The mayor commented that the reinforcements will arrive next Tuesday to stay to protect and pay for the security of the irapuatenses.

Ortiz Gutierrez said that with the arrival of more federal agents, and coupled with the dignification of the elements, both Municipal Police and State Public Security Forces (FSPE) of Guanajuato, has the expectation that security in the state will improve and be strengthened operations to combat crime, mainly federal order.

"The elements will never be enough, but it is a good number, now what we must do is ensure that there is good coordination, a joint effort with both the Municipal Police and the FSPE, so that we can truly be more efficient in our work and not walk on each one's side.

"We are overcoming common crime issues and we are very proud, because we are working and reducing common crimes, but what we have to address is the issue of federal crime and high impact," he said.

The mayor said it is necessary to design a strategy that allows us to be more efficient in high-impact crimes: "It appears to me that this is the challenge we have today.


Guanajuato has become the most lethal state for uniforms in recent months.

At the moment, 62 security elements have been killed so far in 2019, making it the state with the most uniformed deaths in the country.

The most shocking case was witnessed in Villagran, where last Thursday an armed group attacked the command, left three police officers dead and kidnapped four others along with a judge.

Last Friday the judge appeared with some injuries, but the four agents were found dead on the Salamanca-Celaya highway, in the vicinity of that municipality where José Antonio Yépez, alias El Marro, leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, has his base of operations.

Source: El Sol de Mexico