The visit of Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal in Mexico ultimately drove the entire audience crazy; especially Marvel fans, because of the euphoria of Spider-Man visiting Mexico. And is that during their stay, the British and American actor did not resist the temptation to try a delicious dish of Mexican cuisine; the famous tacos of the Califa restaurant.

Through the official Twitter page of said taqueria, a video was published where both actors delight with some delicious tacos, without missing their picosita sauce, lemon, cilantro, and onion. But Holland and Gyllenhaal not only went to taste a part of Mexican gastronomic culture, but they also gave an interview to the Mexican youtuber Ricardo O'Farril, so in a few days we will be able to know what they think of Mexico and its delicious food.

Ricardo O'Farril has a Youtube program called "Ñam Ñam Extravaganza", where different celebrities attend to eat and talk about their nearby projects, as well as personal questions about their daily life. Ricardo O'Farrill also shared with his followers on Instagram the inexplicable experience he experienced:

"SPIDER-ÑAM Today I officially recorded the interview in which I have been most nervous IN MY LIFE You do not always have the opportunity to sit 20 minutes (EXACT) to eat some tacos with @jakegyllenhaal and @ tomholland2013. At one point I told Jake I was lost in his eyes and I asked Tom twice the same thing because of #nervios

I threw a sauce because my hand was shaking and I do not even know what I ate, but it was a great moment and I hope (I'm still in shock, I do not know what happened) when the content comes out in @namnamextravaganza to your liking. Thanks to EUREKA for this fantastic opportunity ", you can read in the caption.