Five tips for children in sports


During the summer holidays, it is common for parents to encourage their children to practice sports activities, which gives rise to the enthusiasm that they will become great athletes.

5 tips for child athletes
5 tips for child athletes

Therefore, it is likely that this summer we will see thousands of children training outdoors and emulating their idols; therefore, today the following five recommendations on how to take care of the nutrition and health of youngsters who are starting out as amateurs or for those who are already athletes.

The advice you will now read is offered by the Food and Development Research Center (CIAD).


Drink water before, during, and after exercising to prevent dehydration. Remember that during exercise and in hot weather, liquids are lost through sweating.

When doing intense sport or outdoors in hot weather, it is necessary to take electrolytes (serum) or add them to drinks to compensate for the loss (mainly of sodium and potassium), thus avoiding tiredness, fatigue, and cramps. Care should be taken that these drinks with electrolytes do not contain too much sugar.

Good nutrition

Let's encourage a balanced diet, including foods that provide carbohydrates (rice, oats, beans, corn and flour tortillas, pasta), protein (milk, eggs, meat, chicken, ham, cheese), lipids (almonds, nuts, peanuts, avocados, vegetable oils) and vitamins (fruits and vegetables) and minerals (fruits and vegetables).

It is important to take care that in each of the meal times you include one or two foods from each group, and if these are used for some preparation, you should not abuse the amount of oil.

It is also worth noting that if the practice of some exercise is occasional or only practiced once or twice a week, it is not justified that the child consumes more food or more calories than he/she usually does.

Let's remember that exercise and food are two of the fundamental pillars for maintaining a healthy weight in our children.

Protecting themselves from the sun

In Mexican states like Sonora, where temperatures can exceed 40 degrees Celsius most of the summer, ultraviolet radiation becomes a risk factor for skin cancer, so parents should take precautions.

Therefore, if the child exercises outdoors, it is recommended to use sunscreens or wear appropriate sports clothing that protects from the sun and does not cause much sweating.

Monitor exercise to avoid injury

Although this seems logical, parents should make sure that the sports clothes, shoes, and accessories that their children use when training are appropriate for the discipline. Also, encouraging warm-up and rest are factors that will improve the child's performance and performance.

Motivation and support

It is important to know that, in the practice of any sport, the face support and the cheers of the parents are essential. Exercise has a positive impact on the mental health and development of minors, since it is through the exercise that the individual adopts healthy habits. In addition, the healthy competition promotes values such as discipline and teamwork.

For this reason, it is recommended that parents also exercise and, along with sports idols, be an example for their sons and daughters to follow, so that the new generations can replicate their example.