Three things you should do in a weekend if you visit Yucatán

The Yucatecans by nature are cheerful and warm people towards the visitors. Without a doubt, they are proud of their traditions and their roots, extolling them whenever they can, from their clothes, their dances, beliefs, language, and their gastronomy.

Best margarita in Merida
Best margarita in Merida

They are so traditionalists that they even know that they will eat every day of the week because the prehispanic custom is followed today. So in most houses in Yucatan, on Mondays they eat beans with pork, on Tuesdays, they eat chilmole, which is a little spicy stew made from dried red chilies ground into a paste that is diluted to get the mole, same as bathing turkey meat or balls of ground pork. On Wednesdays it is a stew with lentils, garbanzo or xpelón (black beans from Yucatan), that is, a dish based on vegetables and legumes with plenty of water. On Thursdays tzic de Venado, which is a deer. Only in recent years, they began to prepare it with beef, due to the restriction of hunting of the species. On Fridays, the delicious pan de cazón or the pork poc chuc cannot be missed. On Saturdays the chocolomo, who you will prefer not to know what it is made of but, without a doubt, it is delicious! and to close the weekend, almost religiously it is customary to have breakfast the famous and delicious cochinita pibil. The latter does not need any description, because we have all eaten a taco of this exquisite soft red pork and if not, what else wait to try it?

On Fridays at the end of the working day, it is the tradition of the Yucatecans (who can) to go partying with friends to a family restaurant with many years to their credit, because in these places they find fun, live music, beer, and other refreshing drinks; and large amounts of food.

And that's when we recommend visiting Eladio's Bar, a botanero center has its beginnings in 1952 and has achieved recognition of local and foreign for good family atmosphere, unbeatable customer and above all for the quality of its best snacks and traditional dishes. They are so good that lowering stress that have implemented their own method, "Eladioterapia" which they define as follows: "Dícese therapeutic treatment of Yucatecan origin aimed at combating stress, monotony and moodiness by using recreational of the most exquisite food, refreshing drinks and the personalized service of a team of specialists in attention".

The clients are their priority and that is why in each visit they see the opportunity to create unique and fun moments for them; whether in a family or among friends, doing everything possible to give your experience the highest value.

The way of operating is defined as: "The more drinks, the more snacks" so that those who visit one of its six branches in Mérida and one in Progreso, only have to worry about choosing the beers, cocktails or drinks that they will ask for during the time Let them stay and let the waiters bring their best dishes to the table.

From the classic cantineras snacks to regional appetizers and taquitos, to a taste of the exquisite dishes, the waiters will follow the rhythm of each guest's party, they just have to let themselves be pampered and enjoy the most delicious dishes of the food Yucatecan Be sure to try the kibis, papadzules and black stuffing tacos you will love it!

And best of all, it's free! Yes, free! Well, the way in which Eladio's bar operates is very similar to a canteen, in which while you consume drinks, food will not stop arriving at your table.

To learn more about Eladio's, branches, menu and the "Eladioterapia" visit or your social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Eladios bar.

To continue with the weekend, how about a visit to the beach? Enjoy the sea with its soft waves in different shades of blue and green and the fresh breeze that brings with it, the wind that is appreciated and enjoyed especially in the summer, especially with the high temperatures of the region. The Yucatecas visit one of the several beaches around Puerto Progreso, Chuburna, Chelem or Sisal that are between 30 and 45 minutes away from Merida to spend it with family or friends, swim for a while, do some water activity, fly A kite or just enjoy the sun with some delicious fresh seafood or take a nap in the sand and watch life go by.

And to close with a flourish the activities of the weekend, on Sunday afternoon, Mérida gives the opportunity to walk along Paseo de Montejo while admiring the architecture of the great houses and other constructions; tour the museums, historic buildings, the long cobbled streets of the center filled with colorful old houses; sit under the shade of the trees in one of the parks, like the one in the Plaza Grande and from there admire the Cathedral; You can also visit the park of La Mejorada, Santiago or Santa Ana and enjoy an ice cream or a traditional and delicious marquesita, which is similar to a very thin and crunchy crepe flavored waffle, rolled stuffed with cheese ball, being this the traditional or some other flavor of its many sweet varieties.

Walking along Paseo de Montejo while admiring the architecture of the great houses and other buildings, closes the weekend activities with a flourish.

So you already know how to spend a weekend like our Yucatecan friends, enjoy the party and good atmosphere with lots of free food in Eladio's bar, visit some of the beautiful beaches of the region and admire the beauty of the streets of the 2nd Historic Center of Mexico; but these are only three of many things that you enjoy not only on weekends, but every day, living a quiet and unhurried life; with good people who know each other, greet visitors and reach out to the needy. Without a doubt, Yucatan has a lot for the world.

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