This Mexican company managed to create strawberries and cutlery made of avocado

The Mexican company Biofase wants to make a change in the world with biodegradable objects that replace plastic.

These are the products offered by the company. Photo: Biofase
These are the products offered by the company. Photo: Biofase

Without exaggerating, the avocado is a fruit that is not only delicious but has a series of benefits and qualities that make it an increasingly demanded product all over the world (if you do not believe us, look for commercials of avocados in other countries).

And outside that half of the planet runs the risk of crossing their hands with a knife because they are not Mexas and do not dominate the millenary art of removing the bone, the avocado, from ahuacatl in Nahuatl, has also been used for other purposes such as this. The Mexican company that had the ingenuity to take advantage of what remains of this fruit to produce other things.

It turns out that a Mexican company called BioFase, dedicated to the procurement of the planet and the environment, discovered the way to create objects such as cutlery and straws through the avocado seed.

In a country where a little more than 50% of the world production of avocado is generated, you can already imagine the number of bones that we throw away. What would happen if we could do something good with all that?

It is precisely what Biofase asked itself, the company that wants to replace the plastic objects that contaminate the world and promises that its materials will be biodegradable in only 240 days.

Biofase mentions that their cutlery and straws take less than a year to degrade, however they ensure that if stored in a cool place they can last much longer. A necessary initiative in a world increasingly intoxicated by materials such as plastics.

The company describes in its main page that before the work of Biofase, all the products of this type had to be imported from other countries, however, that with the technology they developed they became the only biopolymer production company in Mexico. Currently, they export their products to more than 11 countries.

According to the State of the Plastic 2018 report created by the UN Environment, approximately 13 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year, so it is urgent to launch many more projects like this one that seeks to be responsible and create a change in the world.

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