This is the first beer hotel in Latin America

Traveling, staying in a magical place and drinking beer maybe that would be the new Holy Trinity. Well, attention, travel lovers: Mexico has a place that brings together these three elements.

Mala Vecindad Beer Hotel in Mexico City. Photo: courtesy of the hotel
Mala Vecindad Beer Hotel in Mexico City. Photo: courtesy of the hotel

Its name is Mala Vecindad Beer Hotel and it is the first beer hotel in Latin America. Its facilities combine the taste for the Mexico of the forties, the typical food and, of course, the passion for one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Located in Buenavista, near the Monument to the Revolution, the hotel is housed in an art deco design building that was rescued by the creators of this concept of staying in Mexico. Far from modernizing it, they decided to maintain the same aesthetic of the forties, a time when the building lived its splendor just as a hotel.

The decoration has a sustainable focus: 

"Mala Vecindad is based on second chances, on rescuing from oblivion and abandonment and giving new life to the old. Our furniture, like the building itself, is recycled. We work with upholsterers and carpenters to reuse the existing furniture, as well as with local blacksmiths to recover the blacksmith's of the building and the classic decorations of the art deco ", read in its official page.

The stay

Its 31 rooms are characterized by minimalist and very Mexican accents, with phrases on their walls that inspire any beer lover. "The clear mind and the dark beer", "Respect for the beer of others is peace" and even "I am not rich, I am not handsome. But to drink stand a while "are some of them.

Of course, every room in this place has an opener next to the door. Most of the drinks in this place are from the Mexican brewery Primus, located in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro. Each room has Tempus and Wild Boar beers.

To eat, a wide variety of typical Mexican dishes are offered, some more elaborate than others. For example, you can eat from a tamale cake with guacamole atole to marrow soups and charcoal burgers.

The unmissable

The main attraction of this place is upstairs. Its terrace offers a unique view of Mexico City. There, every Friday there are tastings of Mexican and craft breweries.

One of its most anticipated events is the Beer Tour, where they present beers that have been awarded in other countries and that have surprised by their combination. For example, for its fourth edition held last February, the Tempus Dorada beers were released, with 4.3 degrees of alcohol and honey, floral and citrus notes; as well as the Classic Alt, with touches of wood and dry land, winner in the Australian International Beer Award.

These events include the tasting of beers and sandwiches and a party entertained by a DJ.

In addition, the hotel offers a coworking space. It is a room with amenities, wifi, and even a meeting area. Of course, the 'cherry pie' is that you can work with a delicious beer.

Mala Vecindad Beer Hotel is part of the Inmense Hotels chain, which also offers stays in Mexican places such as Chiapas (Hotel Las Escaleras, in San Cristóbal de las Casas), Guanajuato (Grand Las Nubes, in San Miguel de Allende) and Quintana Roo (Hotel LM), in the Riviera Maya).

Whether you live in Mexico City or are vacationing in the Aztec capital, Mala Vecindad Beer Hotel is an option to enjoy this wonderful beverage. What are you waiting for? Follow the golden path of beer.

Mala Vecindad Beer Hotel

B. De Sahagún 27B

Buenavista, 06350, Mexico City

01 (800) 841 9746 

The first beer hotel in Latin America. Photo: hotel website
The first beer hotel in Latin America. Photo: hotel website

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