This app saved her from kidnapping in the Mexico City; Have you already downloaded it?

Vanessa walked the streets of the capital when she noticed a suspicious presence; as she had the application 'WeHelp!', she sent an alert to warn that she was in danger

Sometimes we want a wave of violence to be just a bad dream. Image:
Sometimes we want a wave of violence to be just a bad dream. Image:

In recent weeks, women in Mexico City have been vulnerable to various types of aggression. There have been multiple cases of kidnapping in the surroundings of the Metro Collective Transport System, even maps have been made to identify areas of greater risk.

Before the little reaction of the government and the authorities, the women have had to find all the possible ways to avoid being kidnapped or, even worse, to be killed.

Such is the case of Vanessa, a woman who was walking in one of the streets of Mexico City while being chased by a man with glasses and a hat. The victim, who had the application "WeHelp!", Sent an alert to warn that he was in danger.

A man, whose name is Bastian Ramírez, opened the application out of curiosity to see if he could help someone who was in danger. Upon seeing Vanessa's alert, Ramírez immediately went to the location and discovered that, indeed, a man was harassing her. Through his profile on Facebook, he explained the facts.

"I'm not making this kind of publications, but out of pure curiosity I installed an app that lets you know if anyone is in danger." The joke is that I live at Av Láctea and my cell phone rang, it was the app asking me to help a person I was in danger, the girl was called Vanessa, "he said.

The user on Facebook said he ran to the place and found the woman with a face of mortification.

"When I ran to the location, said and echoed, I saw a girl who came with a scary face and behind her, a man wearing glasses and a hat, all I thought was unlocking my cell phone and when she was near me. I taught him the app. "

Ramírez explained that he greeted her as if he were his girlfriend so that the behavior would look normal; the attacker changed course as soon as he saw that Vanessa stopped being alone.

In turn, the man who rescued Vanessa recommended to women and men download such application in case of a situation of risk or danger, because someone could save you or at any time you could help someone.

In times as difficult as today, it is important that we all join hands together. It disseminates this information so that there are greater possibilities of finding help through the app, a Mexican development that has already existed for a long time, but that, until now, we have a tangible testimony of its results.

You can find it for Android or iOS and its operation is very simple and intuitive. You just have to register, allow the app to access your location, add trusted contacts and, OK! You can choose to be a helper user to receive alerts in case someone is in danger.

If you feel you are in a situation of risk, open the app and press the panic button. An alert will be sent to users who are close to your location.

via: Excelsior

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