Things you should know about Xavage park in Cancun

If you are looking for extreme activities surrounded by nature, Xavage park is for you. The best offer of adventure tourism is Riviera Maya.

Things you should know about Xavage park in Cancun
Photo by Perry Grone / Unsplash

If you are someone who is looking for extreme activities surrounded by nature, maybe this park is for you. The Xcaret Group has just opened the doors of its most recent adventure park - Xavage, a complex, where you can climb a circuit of ropes suspended in the air, sail on a jet, or drive a jeep off-road on complicated roads.

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Cancun (Quintana Roo, Mexico) and 10 minutes from the airport, this new park occupies an area of ​​57 hectares where eight experiences full of adrenaline were built, featuring different levels of intensity. All visitors to Xavage have access to two of them: a kayak ride and a ropes course on the heights.

All entrances include two basic attractions: The Ropes course and Crocodile (a kayak tour through a quiet canal surrounded by lush vegetation), as well as the playground for children. Row with stealth in the only channels of Cancun. Discover the most distant places of the park and appreciate the environment that surrounds you. Kayaks for one or two people. The long route of 950 m. The short route of 700 m. The use of a lifejacket and a safety helmet is mandatory. The rest of the activities are optional.

Among the wildest activities offered by Xavage is Barracuda, a section of rapids, which has become a great novelty. Since there were no rivers in Cancun, they built an artificial 4-kilometer-long bed that descends from the hill and empties into a natural lagoon. The result: a rafting tour controlled by hydraulic pumps that produce level III rapids, something unique in the Riviera Maya. Strength, coordination, and teamwork will be necessary to submit their power and reach the end. You will always be accompanied by a certified rafting guide who will help you in this adventure.

Another attraction is Puma, an off-road vehicle tour. You must overcome various obstacles, such as mounds of earth with great elevation. You have control of a powerful all-terrain vehicle that will face you against a track of 15 obstacles, which you will have to overcome with courage and your skills at the wheel. Maneuver between inclined slopes of up to three meters, large steps, rocky roads, mounds, junk cars, and hollows. An extreme circuit like no other.

Xavage also offers a full-speed jet ride and a zip line in which you must slide upside down. This attraction is Dragonfly, a high-speed jet boat tour that reaches speeds of up to 85 kilometers per hour through narrow channels and where the pilot makes bold 360-degree turns, as you can see in the video below.  Hold on tight and let the adrenaline rush through your body.

As in any extreme park, you could not miss the zip line. It is called Falcon Flight Experience and allows crossing the heights at a speed of 29 kph during 400 meters. The use of a helmet and harness is mandatory at all times. You will not be able to do the activity once you have consumed alcohol. You must have your hands completely free, so the use of the camera, cell phone, selfie stick, or accessories that prevent it is not allowed.

Only those who can attach themselves to the helmet or life jacket are allowed. Important to wear closed shoes and clothes that can get wet. Activity is not recommended for pregnant women, nor for people suffering from acrophobia, epilepsy, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, or neck and/or back problems; with recent surgeries or some cardiac history.

For its part, Howler Monkey is a horizontal string circuit of 240 meters and suspended at 65 meters in height. There, visitors must use their strength, balance, and dexterity to overcome gravity. Climb through nets, cobwebs, trunks, tires, a kayak, a bicycle, a skateboard, and walk on balance bridges to reach the other side. You can choose one of the four difficulties with 15 different obstacles each, according to your level of audacity.

The minimum age to enter the Xavage park is five years; Children under 11 pay half the ticket. Almost all attractions require a certain weight and height. If you go with children, you can leave them in the hands of specialized personnel to have fun in a special area that includes slides and swimming pools. The"soft" package for example (basic attractions + other activity) costs USD 56 for adults and USD 28 for minors. Tickets can be up to USD 135 for adults, with all the attractions plus food. And for those who stay at Hotel Xcaret under the All-Fun Inclusive plan, the entrance fee is included.

Xavage by Xcaret is located next to Xoximilco Park, 10 minutes by car from Cancun Airport and 25 minutes from the hotel zone, in Quintana Roo. Xavage is open from Monday to Sunday. Now, get ready adventure travelers, and give yourself vertigo, excitement, and a great sense of achievement in a scenario full of nature. Xavage is part of the Xcaret ecological park which, since its opening in 1990, has been recognized as one of Cancun's must-see attractions.